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Yomi Gold Leads Celebrities Crashing Marriages in 2023

Yomi Gold marriage has led the first of celebrities marriages to crash in 2023 after the recorded 13 in 2022...


2022 was a challenging year for celebrities across the world, especially in Nigeria as most of their marriages hit deadlocks, leading to separation here and there.


PIJAlance had earlier published that 13 Celebrities Marriages Crash in 2022 and had hope nothing of such should occur again with our advisory content written to illuminate the reason marriages are crashing. 


It is as if celebrities are actually seeing things differently. This was confirmed in the wake of January 2023 as Actor Yomi Alore announced marriage crash with his second wife, Meena.


It was a distasteful thing to swallow in the dawn of 2023 and we are sure, no one, not even the wife would have been expecting something of such.


Worthy of note, Yomi Gold’s crashed marriage was his second marriage split.


The 42-year-old who announced the end of his second marriage to his wife, Meenah on his Instagram page on Tuesday, added that no one can force love when it has died.


Yomi Gold said, ” Me and meenah decided to go our separate ways..


“I want all our families and friends, fans to understand. This is no time to judge anyone. When love dies in relationship.


“No one should force it . I want to use this time to thank everyone who has been very concerned and supportive.


“Meenah is a good person.. she doesn’t deserve a man like me.


“She will make a great and loving partner to a far better person than me.


“I am not perfect.. I will work on myself and be a better person.


“This as to be published because we want everyone who knows about us to be aware of our decision.


“Time will be good again..”


Yomi Gold had secretly tied the knots in an unidentified location with Meenah after breaking up with his first wife, who had been with him for 15 years.


After dissolving his first marriage, which had produced two children, he married Meenah who he now divorced.


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