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Why there will be more Deborah Samuel, killed, soon in Nigeria?


Enoch Oyedibu



The gruesome murder of the 200 level Home-Economics Female Christian Student, Samuel Deborah, premeditatedly carried out recently by irate students of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, has undoubtedly brought home the yet another unforeseen, but seen activity of moral and humane deficiency displayed by some religious fanatics, especially in northern Nigeria.


The deceased was accused of blasphemy over complaining of an influx of unnecessary religious messages repeatedly sent by coursemates to WhatsApp groups meant only to serve other academic purposes of the class. Has she said too much?


Surprisingly, religious drunk coursemates have taken an offence to what she said and thereby ferociously descended upon her with stones and planks until she, in cold blood, bites the dust. She was further set ablaze to satisfy their beliefs. And now she is dead.


The Sokoto Police Command had denied the incident whereas there was a viral video proof that says otherwise. But who cares? irrespective of proofs submitted, and facts gathered, like many others, cases like this will continue to occur and are still going to be unresolved in Nigeria.


There are things we need to get very straight as far as Nigeria is concern. These things are what called reasons for killings like that of Deborah Samuel will continue.


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Number One: Nigeria is a very sorrowful country; widowed in all good things. As a ship whose sailor, inexperienced; the country kept drifting here and there, swimming in several corrupted and wrong perceptions. Mindful Nigerians need to all watch out to not be swamped in the pool of wrong thoughts and leading.


Number Two: The Captain of this ship knows not what is right and any who knows will not be captained. Only a few captains with limited intellectual capacity sent out directives as they perceived from their corrupted perceptions and thereby leaving the country in a tighter corner. You cannot change this fact.


Number Three: Nigeria is a very confused country with confused religions, some of which, are blighted with the authority to recognise hatreds and deceits as lord and killing of those who don’t believe in these lies as sacred.


Number Four: The bottom line of the shock is most of these religions have their faithful worshippers rented apartments in Aso Rock down to their least arms. And since their judgement always comes from perceptions you must not expect Pineapple from their Mango Tree.


Nigeria will never know peace until all and sundry are purged from religious bigotry and needless ideas of irredentism. Both Nigerians and Nigerian leaders are stereotypical. Most especially ants living in the illusion of defending God. Pathetic!


We’ve all lost the sense of humanity in the name of religion. This is why until we all learn that we are for each other; that the African zeitgeist; Ubuntu, is true and we all start to practice it, more of Deborah Samuel will never stop happening.


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