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Why I am Called Ewe — Hon. Mutiu


Enoch Oyedibu


Honourable Mutiu Olawale Oyeniyi has explained why he answers “Ewe” as alias.


Honourable Oyeniyi, revealed this during an exclusive interview with PIJAlance Magazine, citing that it was due to the fact that his mother was an “Ewe”, vendor.


Ewe,” is the Yoruba word for “leaf”, preferably, traditional leaves used for cupping “bean pudding”, English words for “Moi-moi or Ole” before boiling and prepared for either sales or home consumption.


Honourable Oyeniyi, who sprung from Olorunda Local Government of Osun State said there were more than one Mutius where his mother was selling then and to identify each one of them, people chose to call them by their respective parents’ work names.

“I came from an humble background and I know what it means to suffer. My father was a civil servant while my mother trader.


“Ewe that I am being called is not that I am an Herbalist or” what have you, “but it is because my mother was selling leaf then. And we were many called Mutiu.


“One of us whose father was a NEPA worker was often called ‘Mutiu Nepa’. So that was why I am being called Ewe, it is not as if, I am an Herbalist.


“And this is to show where I come from which clearly identify me with the masses.”

Furthermore, Honourable Mutiu Olawale Oyeniyi was born and brought up in Aganna Compound Owoope Osogbo, Ward 7, Olorunda Local Government.


He attended St James Primary School, and thereafter attended Nawarudeen Grammar School, Oke Baale Osogbo before later proceeding to Osun State Polytechnic, Iree and Ekiti State University, where he studied Political Science.


Honourable Mutiu Olawale Oyeniyi is one of the few contesting the position of Local Chairmanship of Olorunda Local Government under the umbrella of People’s Democratic Party in Osun State.

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