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Why Calvary Pentecostal Church International, Mother In Isreal, Rev. Sarah Faboyede is exceptional? 



Folaranmi Ajayi.


You will agree with me that the name mother in Israel is not always readily in the news and the media for so many reasons. Today, I have decided to show you one woman whose accomplishments and altitudes are implacable in the school of spiritual matters. She is in tandem with that scientific Einstein due to her mastery and style of understanding and logical disposition.


May I show you, read me, Your gilt-edged pedagogue is as pleased as punch to express his heartiest gratitude to God for sparing the life of our amiable, mother in Isreal of Calvary Pentecostal Church, International( a church devoted to raising godly men and women who are earthly relevant and heavenly conscious), thanks to the founder, Rev. Dr Johnson Niyi Faboyede.


Today, I am excited to inform the world that one of the greatest woman of God on the planet earth is a year older. I know that a staggering number of individuals who embroidered the occasion of our mother in the Lord’s birthday with many kindnesses. I, however, promise to make this as succinct as possible.


Dear Mummy G.O,


Today, I am transported to celebrate your day beyond the endless limitations that have piloted my day. May I remind you, Ma, as the Bible stated in Ecclesiastes that there is time for everything, a time to be born and a time to die? Today is indeed a time of spiritual examination and checks and balance. I am happy that you are in the lord’s vineyard and you remain a tool used by the master to transform, inspire and change the lives of many and most especially the younger generation.


Mummy, you are a role model to myself and thousands and millions of youths out there I am always fascinated and many times intrigued by your spiritual mastery, dexterity and perceptiveness. As a curious biblical philosopher, I have seen you break down the complex concept and give answers to questions with characteristic aplomb.

Mummy and Daddy G. O.

It is not hyperbole if I tag you, Ma, a poptastic fellow, considering your administrative adroitness cum pristine intent alongside blueprints aimed at easing the burden of John Q Public, here, in the world.


So immaculate and ineffable is the love mummy chews for the church members of our dear church, it’s not for egocentric benefits but the uplift of human and spiritual materials of the church. Mummy your sense of reasoning is electric and worthy of emulation


Mummy has always bellowed in her actions to superimpose transmogrification on the ‘sword of Damocles in favour of we the youths, the records speaks.


Apart from the above-claimed contours, there are also programmes to resuscitate the comatose fight against disaster in a marriage that when mummy handles any topic, most especially biblical teachings, I am always revitalised, exalted, and fixed for the unending spiritual journey.


Ma, Your level of simplicity is second to none, it is the one that I have called the silent spiritual mountain mover, Eagles don’t mingle with chickens, mum, you are a definition of the exceptional spiritual model as our very own Mother Sarah. Words they say are used to describe great people, mum you are indeed indescribable.


Today, I want to say that your kind is rare, and may the Lord continue to uphold you and give you spiritual Sagacity, may you continue to grow in endless grace, may God depend on you always. Mum, may your wisdom of God’s word continue to increase. In the end, may your heart desires come through? May God be pleased with you always.


Your son is as pleased as punch to express his heartiest gratitude to God for sparing your life, I am glad to be associated with you as our decent, gracious, generous, and thoughtful spiritual mother. You are my, and our mother in Israel. Thanks for being a good mother, Happy Birthday.

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