What is VARSH?

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VARSH—Voices Against Rape and Sexual Harassment foundation is an humane initiative with humanity in mind as its core value.


VARSH because of a lot of other reasons and in this article you’re going to be in the know everything you need to know about VARSH.


About Us

VARSH Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization created out of the need to have a society free of sexual abuse, child abuse, and gender-based abuse with an initiative to help victims/survivors and bring their offenders to book using the instrumentality of the law. This is a service to humanity!


Vision Statement

• A society free of all forms of sexual abuse, child abuse, and gender discrimination.


Mission Statement.

• To create an amplified awareness against Sexual abuse, child abuse, and gender discrimination.


Our Strategies

• Campaign

• Awareness

• Advocacy

• Solidarity


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Goals & Objectives:

• To successfully arrange effective rallies and enlightening campaigns and conferences; for establishing a swift avenue for awareness programs designed for sensitization on child abuse, sexual harassment, and gender-based violence;


• To educating teenagers in Secondary Schools, about their sexual circle & sexual abuse in all its forms;


•To encourage the Nigerian government in fast-tracking the effective establishment of Sustainable Development Goals;


• To engaging the Nigerian Law Enforcement Agencies, Security Personnel, and Legal Practitioners in the prosecution of and fight against Sex Criminal Offenders;


• To promote effectively Online Campaigns through Social Media Platforms [YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc] ;


• To helping in counseling, and educating victims on procedures to handling their experiences with culprits;


• To actively contribute to free health support, counseling sessions, with professional health care providers – for victims of sexual abuse and gender-based violence.

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