Western Media release video, showing Russian soldiers shooting civilians

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Enoch Oyedibu


In few days when Russian Government disproved that its soldiers didn’t assault Ukraine civilians, CNN released a footage that shows how Russian soldiers shot two unarmed and unsuspecting Ukrainians.


The American newspaper had earlier released the video, which will serve as one of the pieces of evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine, on Thursday.

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Events in this surveillance video occurred at the start of Russia’s invasion in February.


The Russian soldiers broke into properties along the highway as they marched towards Kyiv. They met two Ukrainian men unarmed.


Leonid Alexinovich Plyats, one of the victims of the shooting, told Ukrainian soldiers who came to his rescue that the Russian soldiers knew he was a civilian.


The Russians asked who he and Pylats, the other victim, were. They asked for cigarettes and let them go, but after taking a few steps away from the area, the Russian soldiers emerged from the corner and shot the Ukrainians from behind.


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Though he eventually died, Plyats was alive when Ukrainian soldiers came to retrieve him and the other victim, but the Russian troops prevented the Ukrainian soldiers from getting him to safety on time.


Yuli Plyats, Plyats’ daughter, refused to watch the surveillance video. “I will save it to the cloud for my children and grandchildren. They should know about this crime and always remember who our neighbours (Russians) are,” she said.

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