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Water Scarcity: Kwara State Water Corporation Kicks Against Claim by its Officer


Omobolanle Beloved


The Public Relations Officer of Kwara State Water Corporation, Mr Segun Oke has said the claim that Alabi Olayinka, one of its staff members made that water issue is not the duty of the Government is false.


Alabi Olayinka who had told our correspondent that it is not the Government’s duty to help community solve water-related issue based on the question asked regarding sour experience of Agbooda Community on water supply.


Oke who at first investigation referred the matter to the Corporation’s Station Officer, said Alabi Olayinka though one of their members is not in the right position to give out such information. He said his duty is to distribute bills.


Oke told our correspondent that ‘the community should arrange a day at which a check can be carried out on the pipes leading to the area for rectifications to take place.


The Public Relations Officer said the corporation’s doors are open for consumers’ complaints, assuring the utility is eager to solve consumers’ problems.


Nevertheless, interview with another set of people living at a yet to be disclosed community in Ilorin said water supply is as a masquerade saliva.


Meanwhile, PIJAlance had reported that water scarcity lashes dozens of people in Agbooda Community, Ilorin, Kwara State. This is after several funds expected to be used for community services which span across water, sanitation and health.


Kwara Government had said it has used some of the funds for community service and provision of water supply for at least nine local governments. Yet, Agbooda Community continues to suffer water supply, every day.


A corps member also staying in Agbooda Community relates with our correspondent that the Community is the den sour experience of water scarcity.


In her words, Prayer said “come nd see us waking up as early as 5am to get water, nd still na dirty water we go see to fatch… you’ll meet so many crowd at the well….. (We usually wake up around 5am to get water and still, it will be dirty water. Around this period, many crowd would have been there.)


“Thank God for one filling station around my side, that’s where we get water anytime there’s light ooooo…To serve my father’s land here na by force oooo,” she added.


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