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UPDATED: Nigeria’s Polytechnic Female Student Allegedly dies of Money Ritual


The PIJAlance had earlier reported that a female student of Osun State Polytechnic, (OSPOLY) Iree, died in her sleep after a brief malaria sickness.


According to a new revelation made by one of the multiple sources close to her among whom also aided her when she was in a critical condition, Àdufé Kehinde died after being used for money ritual.


A source said he was able to know this through a popular Islamic cleric, Alfa Tunde, whom he, Kehinde’s Taiwo and her boyfriend took her to when he personally discovered her sickness is not normal.


He said, “when I saw her, somebody I know that is robust was already slimmer to the point that her skeleton was already coming out. Something like rashes covered her body and she struggled to talk. I knew it this is not a normal thing.


“So, I suggested she should be taken to a popular cleric, Alfa Tunde in Ada. He is a very good one who can check for spiritual attack on any person. When we got there, he told us that she has been used probably through the use of her pant or any of her belongings but not through sex.”


The source who insisted on the condition of anonymity said the Alfa said they need to act fast and asked them to bring N350k. However, when they couldn’t provide the money, he (the source) suggested they take her to the hospital.


“The Alfa told us we should bring N350k for him to do his work to save her. He said we need to act fast. We don’t have that kind of money. So, her Taiwo and boyfriend suggested we take her to the hospital.”


Getting to the hospital it was said that Kehinde responded to treatment but at night things became worse and when she was asked again, she confessed.


“The doctor said she was actually responding to treatment but at night things change and they said she wasn’t responding again. She couldn’t talk and walk. So, we asked her again, who did she meet and where did they go to? It was then, she struggled to say she dated another guy behind her boyfriend and that guy, she went to his house, they ate and had sex. We’re unsure if the guy was the one that used her but we asked her to say the name or write it down, she couldn’t.”


Seeing her critical condition, Kehinde’s brother suggested she should be brought home and when they were on their way, she gave up the ghost.


Ritual related killings have been in existence since many years ago. But became radically popular nowadays with the emergence of the cyber criminals popularly known as “Yahoo Yahoo boys”.


In October 2021, a fresh female student of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, known as Omowunmi was also allegedly killed of ritual related causes. She was said to have started giving a symptom of stomach pain after spending weeks in her boyfriend, Adewale’s (also known as Randy) hostel.


Omowunmi unfortunately gave up the ghost and Adewale took a frog leap to save his neck. He was later arrested however, was never charged to the court.


Aside from this, in the our maiden edition in 2022, we wrote that “Nigeria is on the verge of losing its sanity; hook, line and sinker to the guerillas it is breeding. Citing that Ignoble erosion is already wiping out the norms and if care is not taken, insanity will completely take over soon.”


Our basis was that “when this is done then, it will be dawn on the elite, think-tanks, avant-garde, human rights activists, lawmakers, judicial council and executive council how they all have helped this society baptised itself into a schizophrenic hall of lunatics.”


The standard of the article were on “Yahoo Yahoo” and “ritual killings”—both of which have come to end the country once and for all. If they persists, Nigeria will end up parlance of insane, soon.


In the article, we listed a few we can count of the ritual killing incidents with none sniffing judicial resolutions. Some perpetrators were never arrested while some arrested were never charged to court.


Ritual killing continues among the youth and cyber criminals and like Omowumi and Kehinde, no one knows who is next in the Nigeria’s institutions.

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