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UPDATED: In OSPOLY, Power Fights, Students Suffer


On August 12, when we first published this article, we wrote that “It’s barely three weeks of snarling academic activities in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, (OSPOLY) following a swift suspension of the Rector, Dr Tajudeen Odetayo in July.”


Today, we are republishing this article following the recent update in the institution. Yoruba proverbial adage says there cannot be two kings in a palace, but the suspended rector proved that wrong on Thursday as he defiantly resumes office yet with the new Rector on seat.


This development has led the Osun State Government to shut down the institution, and again, dashing the graduation hope of final students, alongside the trajectory of other students of the institution to nothingness.


Again, we write, this is a power play, a power fights and Adeleke needs to put aside his egoism and find a lasting solution to the issue as the students, will be the most to suffer the consequences of this fight.


The rector, who was accused of fraud and misappropriation of funds. But Dr Odetayo has said he’s “innocent.”


Though, it was rumoured that the Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke, has had his eyes on replacing Dr Odetayo who may be a member of an opposition party that doesn’t go along with him; every fear disappeared the moment Governor Adeleke tilted his position as Acting Rector to the Rector of the Institution.


However, Dr Odetayo has not completely spent two years of smooth administration, to even exhaust his initial four years tenure, until he was suspended three weeks ago and replaced with a lecturer, Mr Adeyemi Alabi, who doesn’t have a doctorate degree or it in view, from the Institution.


Mr Alabi has been said to be below the standard of the institution and was only appointed based on the fact that He was from Ede, a city in Osun, which is where the native of Governor Adeleke.


From July 25 to 28, the OSPOLY atmosphere was snapped out of tranquility as protests from students to lecturers backed up with ASUP, gyrated the entire ambience.


Students protested because they feel both Governor Adeleke and Dr Odetayo’s inner grievances should never affect the course of their academic success as most of them in their last year are about to take their final year examinations.


But ASUP Iree Chairman, Mr Fatai Afolabi, responded with a speed of light that “there would not be exams or lectures unless Dr Odetayo is restored.”


Governor Adeleke called for calm, but ASUP Iree continues to fume and protest, leaving the entire process bothersome and tiring. But Mr Alabi has resumed the office, carrying along with him, all the non-teaching staff members and the Institution’s accountants.


In all these, it’s smart to know that there are many things at stake if the OSPOLY academic activities continue to snore, Student Affairs Officer, Mr Olawoyin said.


Final year students will have a hard time graduating at the expected time. This will delay the promotion of HND 1 and ND 1 students expected to bounce into their final year in 2023. If this occur, no way, the school will admit new students, so, admission of new students may wait until next year.


Aside, some of the fresh graduates of the institution who are waiting to be deployed for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and followed Batch C, may have to wait beyond their expectations if the strike tarries.


Mr Olawoyin has said, there’s a hope the school resumes on Monday. This was a statement by the Osun Deputy Governor, Kola Adewusi and Speaker, Osun House of Representatives, RT. Hon. Adewale Egbedun, who also said the same thing on Thursday when students teamed to protest against what they tagged “unnecessary delay.”


But all these are words of mouth which are tantamount to the same of the past. Governor Adeleke should transparently punish Dr Odetayo if found guilty but removing him without concrete evidence to back up the allegations levelled against him will result in a very bitter crisis and will bring no gains to Osun or Governor Adeleke’s administration.


Osun is proud to be one of the poorest states in Nigeria. And since the start of the administration of Governor Adeleke, nothing seems different.


Osun is deprived of so many necessary infrastructure a state must have. Like an airport which is under construction since barely more than 10 years ago and railway stations already in coma. Joining the educational crisis, like strike with these, will bring Osun no further to the front. It will rather help the state to dance faster backward.


Governor Adeleke should put the people, the masses and the public opinion as first over his interest because when power fights, as Yoruba says, grasses there, like students, are bound to suffer bitterly and this will certainly smack down the credibility of the Governor Ademola Adeleke’s administration in Osun State.


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