Twitter Fans React As New Ekiti State Governor Tweets Victory

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Enoch Oyedibu


Some tweeps following the newly-elected governor Ekiti State, Biodun Oyebanji, has reacted to his ‘Thank You’ tweet on account of the just concluded election.


Oyebanji,who was declared winner by the Independent National Electoral Commission, the 2022 Gubernatorial election of Ekiti State tweeted “thank you, Ekiti Kete,” on his twitter page.


This tweet however has sparked many reactions from Twitter users.


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A tweep identified as Eccentric tweeted “With vote buying? 😂 mad oh! Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈.”


Another tweep, Comrade Abiodun tweeted that “Nigeria 🇳🇬 defies logic. He could not even attend debate but today he won. Congratulations 🎊 👏 Eleyi of Ekiti State. Ekiti people enjoy una self o”


Twitter Fans React As New Ekiti State Governor Tweets Victory
Photo of Biodun Oyebanji giving money to an aged woman while the just concluded election was going on

Lord Hokage also tweeted, “Ekiti state and people deserve all they’ll experience for the next 8 years since they decided to sell their vote for 5k/10k while some collected spaghetti and indomie. After buying vote and snatching ballot boxes,this thief is here to appreciate those that sold their votes to him.”


Furthermore, Alarape Habib joined the trend by tweeting, “After all the vote buying,you won,my problem will be you not delivering the dividends of democracy to ekiti kete people,if you fall,God is watching and will recompense your deeds.”


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Replying Habib, Olumide Olaoye tweeted, “How will he deliver the dividends of democracy when he needs to recoup their investments in vote buying? Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t perform. As the people of Ekiti lay their beds, they should lie on it!”


Cruiselyf also tweeted that “Oga Gomina elect, with the amount of money you spent to induced voters, can you still deliver good governance to ekiti people or you will go there to recoup your money? Abhi make we keep quiet? Anyways congratulations on your new assumed position!”



Gospel_Rx “After buying votes??? This is not a true victory..There is nothing to celebrate here.


“However, this is the reality of Ekiti people, do all your can to make their lives better.”


Moreover, another tweep, Adefemi Adeyinka advised the newly-elected governor to do as Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State in his ruling of Ekiti State.


In his words, “Just work like @seyiamakinde of Oyo state in Ekiti state here. That’s all we need now

Try to Put a good legacy down and don’t work like other Apc governors in other state. Thank u God bless.”

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