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Tourism: See Amazing Places You Will Love To Visit In Uyo


Godswill Edet



Speaking of amazing places with aesthetic structures and ancient architectures with magnificent outlook, Nigeria has been virtually rated low by Nigerians and by most Africans that there is nothing of such. Many people believe that there is nothing worthy of the touristic journey in the country. While with this belief, a mountain of an untapped beauties go on unmagnified and unnoticed.

At pijatourism we are bent to see to its reformation as we are delighted to continually let you know more about beautiful cities, beautiful architectures, beautiful ancient structures and mysterious beauties of ancient shrines located in Nigeria.

On our course to bridging the gap, we start with Uyo—one of the beautiful cities in Nigeria.

Let’s start to know more about Uyo.

Uyo as a platinum city found in Nigeria


Uyo is a quiet and ever welcoming city with lovable people in the South – South Nigeria. The Ibibios are majority in areas of the city.

Notwithstanding, as the capital city of Akwa Ibom state, it embraces many other tribes such as Annang, Oron, Ekid, Igbos and Yorubas who are gaining a place in the city today.


Uyo is a city for relaxation and enjoyment, all you need to do is ‘Hustle in Lagos and come for vacations in a place like Uyo’. An experience like never before you’d surely receive.


The city is well-packed with different cruise leaving you to feel your taste and pleasure.
Beautiful to say that Uyo is a place with flyovers of which one welcomes you into the city.

Below are the wonderful places in Uyo you would like to visit.

Food and Drinks Joint — Ibom plaza

1. The Ibom Plaza is one of the beautiful places every visitors needs to visit. The Plaza is located in the very heart of Uyo. It covers five major roads which are Ikot Ekpene Rd, Abak Rd, Aka Rd, Oron Rd and Bassey Wellington way settling at the centre of them all. Imagine how big it is. The plaza houses different compartment that ranges from a mini sport complex, a viewing centres for football matches and outreach, food and drinks joints for assorted meat, a post office, public toilet, traders under sit-outs, walkway that leads to each major routes, pavillions for shoes and bags vendors, phone booths and well planned trees with sit-out for citizens of the state.

Tropicana/market square

2. The level of entertainment kills the buds for boredom in the city as the government creates provisions for peers, family and friends in an open arena and field such as Ibom Tropicana, marketSquare(where all kinds of movies are displayed, the casino game and more), Cenotaph field and Brook street playground where love birds hangout and friends meet and greet.

Silverbird Cinema, Tropicana
Ibom international stadiums

3. Did I tell you? The street of Uyo is ready to choke you with the aroma of fries from the unen (chicken) with ukom (ripe plantain), fried potatoes and yam. The pepper alone brings you back more and more. What you can get even at a good price of #200. Uyo is fun.

Spot for roast chicken and plaintain

Uyo meal are second to none as the Akwa Ibom women are rated ‘perfect’ for their dexterity in kitchen. The ‘Afang or Atama soup’ , ‘Ekpang Nkukwo’ and ‘Otor Mbodo’ the different species of junk fishes, periwrinkles and kpomo that comes with every morsel that settles in your mouth is tempting.

One of the street of Uyo with red buses

4. Uyo is a coordinated place to live in. The uniformity in red mini buses and tricycles adds more beauty to our smooth roads. With #50 or #100 your destination is reached.

Good Luck Jonathan, former president of Nigeria Boulevard, Uyo

5. The people takes interests in politics and government which affects the economic situations of the state.

Uyo is a capital city of Akwa Ibom state and as such it is growing to become the ‘Promise Land’.


Below are the other pictures of beautiful places in Uyo.

Itam flyover, leading to Calabar from the right
Market square
Flyover that leads to Ikot Ekpene-Aba from Uyo
People of Uyo
Ibom connection

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