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There is nothing like Police Brutality — Okorocha


Previous legislative leader of Imo State, Congressperson Rochas Okorocha, has said there is nothing like police mercilessness in Nigeria.


As per him, what is alluded to as police brutality is what is going on where adolescents are abusing adolescents, in light of the fact that the cop blamed for ruthlessness is additionally a youngster and his activities are a result of disappointment.


Okorocha was talking at a world public interview where he announced his aspiration to run for president in 2023, on Monday.


He said, “Somebody asked me, ‘How will you treat #EndSARS, about approach brutality? “I told him, there is nothing similar to police mercilessness; what we have are adolescents mistreating young people out of dissatisfaction.


The cop that mistreated his sibling on the road did as such not on the grounds that he’s a cop; he did as such in light of the fact that he’s a youngster baffled.”


His said under his administration, the young people would be the bedrock of the nation’s economy, adding that he would guarantee that they were independently employed.

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