Taye Oniyakuya again Funnily drawn Nigerian Celebrity, after Sanwolu

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Top Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele’s image has been drawn by an artist identified on Instagram as @bodataye_oniyakuya.



The artist had recently drawn Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwolu and which, earned him an accolade despite ineptly sketched.


Perhaps, that was what led him again to ineptly drawn Actress, Funke Akindele and recently posted it on his Instagram page.



The artist who appeared to make a name by recreating popular people’s photos in funny ways finally used the movie star as his muse.


Oniyakuya’s recreation of Funke’s photo was eventually sighted by the actress who then reposted it as she called him out.


He greatly exaggerated the film star’s nose, mouth, eyes, hairstyle and more, leaving her unrecognizable with teeth abnormally pointed out.


But while reacting to the drawing, the actress noted that if she happened to call for the artist’s arrest, people would say she was using her power as a celebrity.


Furthermore, Funke told the artist that if she is able to lay her hands on him, he will sweat in winter. In her words: “ When I call for the arrest of this guy @bodataiye_oniyakuya Ya’ll will start saying I’m using celebrity power. Hmmmmm so you think this is right? @bodataiye_oniyakuya if I catch you, you go sweat inside winter.”


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