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Tax Clearance: We will drop it if it’s not going to cause issues — Ospoly Rector


Enoch Oyedibu


The Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, rector, Dr Woye Olaniran has said the Institution is ready to let go of the imperative demand of tax clearances, as part of the criteria for submission of files in the institution, if it’s not going to become an issue.


Dr said this through a telephone interview with pijaonline, today, adding that Osun famous nomenclature as the most peaceful state in Nigeria, would not be sabotaged by tax clearance issues.


“It’s not an issue. If it’s not going to become an issue, we’ll look for a way of dropping it… As in, forget about it and we’ll no longer use it.


“I am meeting with the executive members of our polytechnic, today, to discuss…


“Nevertheless, I say, if it’s going to be an issue we will drop it. We don’t want any issues in the state.


“Throughout Nigeria, Osun State is known to be the most peaceful state and we’ll always maintain that.”


Recalled, the Osun State Polytechnic, Student Union Government, (SUG) under the leadership of Comr. Ajao Samson (Impeccable), had earlier put out a memo detailing that the students should not bother on adding tax clearance as the management has agreed to removed it as part of the criteria for submission of files. It must be clearly emphasized that the move to remove tax clearances as part of the criteria for submission of files has not been validated by the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree management, yet, maybe considered anytime soon.


Furthermore, NANS JCC Osun Axis had described the usage of tax clearances in the whole of the Osun State Tertiary Institutions, as part of the criteria for submission of files, as the “unconstitutional means of extortion” by the Osun State Government. Claiming that, tax payments are for working-class personalities and not for students who couldn’t bring a piece of bacon to the table. If students could not enjoy education scholarships, they ought not to be taxed again, since they are not working—”they are full-time students who depend on their parents.”


NANS JCC Osun Axis, under the leadership of Comr. Afeez Oyelayo O. aggressively wrote through a memo that it gives the Osun State Government, three days Ultimatum “to put total terminus to payment of tax by student irrespective of whether their parents are tax evaders or not.


“If the government failed to listen to our yearning and accent our demand we are mobilising thousands of students down to the state capital to exercise our fundamental right through heavy agitation,” the memo concluded.


However, pijaonline await the outcome of Dr Woye olaniran’s meeting with the executive members of the institution.


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