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Sunday Igboho’s Arrest: Is Traditional a Failure?


Of late, Sunday Adeyemo residence was raided by the Department of State Services (DSS) on the order of President Muhammadu Buhari, backing up with a claim that they received an Intelligence report that Sunday Igboho stockpiled ammunition in his residence, of which, Sunday Adeyemo declined, saying all the ammunition were planted in his residence. “I don’t use arms to protect myself, I use traditional powers,” His statement aftermath of the raid reads, in what appears relieving statement to his fans who were doubtfully panicky that he had been arrested.

Igboho has since then been playing hide and seek with the federal government who are in a great ferret to nab him at any points.

It’s still unclear how his arrest happens, despite his boast of supernatural, traditional powers. The arrest of him on Tuesday, during his bid to travelled Germany at a airport, and the molestation he was subjected to, in Cotonoun, Benin Republic—neighbouring country of Nigeria, in what was reported that he was chained like an animal, getting ready to be slaughtered; traditional powers in Yoruba land has become futile engagements and laughing stocks for the world.

Joe Igbokwe, a special adviser to the Lagos State governor on Drainage and Water Resources, the man who had earlier rejoiced on the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, who was said by him to have threatened to kill him and his family, wrote on his Facebook platform, with the famous snapshot of Igboho on his traditional powers attire that, “Traditional power has failed in Igbo and Yoruba land, it’s a shame.” His statement was more lucid when he said traditional powers failed in Igbo land, since Nnamdi Kanu, who formerly boast of traditional powers was also nabbed by a mortal army with metallic ammunition. In the same blood, Sunday Igboho, who has supernatural power and even declared that he uses it to defend himself, became nabbed by a mortal army with just the metallic ammunition.

It became questionable why the mystical power purveyors squat fearfully from the pack of men with orders and mortal made ammunition.

It cannot be vividly said Yoruba has put into playing again, the then drama in the western region between Obafemi Awolowo and S. L. Akintola, as from the impromptu raid of Sunday Igboho’s residence to his arrest, it appears, cockroach is locked in the cupboard of the Yoruba once again.

Nevertheless, the arrest of him, Sunday Adeyemo who is famously known as Sunday Igboho and the former arrest of Nnamdi Kanu and Omoyele Sowore, is safe to question the use of traditional powers for protection, if it is a FOOL ERRAND or a CHINESE BAMBOO TREE?

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  1. Ajayi Folaranmi says

    Sowore doesn’t use traditional whatever!

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