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SUG announces date of Mr and Miss Ospoly Cup

...say all departments must participate


Agency Report


The Osun State Polytechnic, Iree Students’ Union Government has announces the date of the Mr and Miss Ospoly’s Cup to commence on Monday, 11th of August, 2021.


This became known through a flyer saturating all the social platforms of the Polytechnic’s students.


Photo of the flyer

The Union said, all departments in the Polytechnic are expected to participate.


The competition will be held at the school Pavilion, 10 am promptly.


19 Namacos representatives to participate


The National Association of Mass Communication Students, NAMACOS, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, has tasked its 19 qualified candidates to participate in the Mr and Miss Ospoly’s competition.


This became known shortly, after the intention of the Students’ Union body to let all departments participate in the competition.


In a release, signed by the Sport Director of the department, Ajimoti Abass (Ceballos), “these are the invited players for Mr and Miss Ospoly Cup from all Mass Communication levels and all the names should come to Ospoly training ground (Pavilion), before 4:00 on today.


“Anything above 4pm is automatically a disqualification.”


The names are:

Akeju Titus (HND 1), Bahu (ND 2), Fadare Gustavo (HND 2), Oyeyemi Holooka (Nd2), Abduwasiu Hoyeh (Hnd2), Adedokun Hammed (Hnd1), Adepoju Yusuff (Hnd2), Toheeb Eyin (Hnd2), Omole Toye (Nd2), Adefila Yinka (Hnd1), FT (Nd2), Adejokun Samuel (Hnd1), Oyeyemi Damstar (Hnd2), Awofodu Elijah (Hnd2), Victor (Nd1), Afolabi Figo (Hnd2), Ajimoti Ceballos (Hnd2), David (Nd2) and Tobby (Nd1).

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