Stop saying it is well when it is not well- Pastor Adeyemi says 

Ask members to appreciate God's gift, learn new skills and relate with people excellently

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Folaranmi Ajayi



Pastor Adeyemi Adekunle has charged his congregants to desists from saying it is well when things are not well but most appreciate every God given virtues, talents that can ultimately change their situation.


Pastor Adeyemi made this known during the Sunday sermon titled Assessing God’s Provision for a new beginning emphasise the need for member to avoid any iota of pride and deceit in their words.


Rev’d Adeyemi charged members to take not God’s blessings upon them with levity but ensure that they appreciate every little thing most especially devine gift from God.


”Don’t commonise what you have like the woman in the Bible who met Prophet Elijah


Look inward and ensure that you value everything that you have


To assess God’s provision the man of God reiterated that everyone must learn to look upward and inward”.


The pastor who narrated the story of John Pemberton a colonial Doctor who made the recipe of a tonic which found no value in and sold it out to a young Clerk, Asa Candlee who transformed the tonic to the world class brand now Coca-Cola.

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He encouraged all members to create an excellent relationship among people and learn skills that will ultimately transform their lives,works and career.


“Some of you your relationship coefficient is zero, don’t worry one day they will shamify you, have good relationship it will help you he said” he said.


Sanders Memorial Baptist Church is a local church with a global mentality stationed along the polytechnic community.