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Stand-up comedy saved people from depression during covid-19 lockdown, Gordons


Comedian, Godwin Komone, aka Gordons has thought stand-up comedy saved a lot of people from depression during the COVID-19 lockdown.


In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “People who make claims that stand-up comedy is going into extinction are wrong. Comedy is actually evolving, and stand-up is the foundation and king of other forms of comedy. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the entertainment industry, just as it affected every other industry, including governments, across the world. However, during the lockdown, many people were able to survive depression with the help of stand-up comedy videos. Some stand-up comedians even did stand-up comedy sets in their homes and posted them online for viewers. Some of those videos are now on video streaming platform, Netflix.”


Gordons also insisted that stand-up comedians were still being well patronized. He said, “Stand-up comedians still get so much patronage. People gather all over the country to listen to comedians on stage. I perform almost every week. I do stand-up comedy for some politicians and billionaires who rarely attend public shows but want to get entertained in their leisure time. I was supposed to have held my stand-up comedy show in February, but it was postponed due to my father’s funeral coming up later this month. However, I would be featuring in Ayo Makun’s show, AY Live, on April 17, while I tour the United Kingdom. Some people think that stand-up comedy is not as popular as before because things are changing. Before now, musicians did not usually organise their own concerts. Rather, they performed at stand-up comedy events. But now, musicians headline their own shows, and comedians also do theirs separately.”


Recounting her biggest challenges as an actor, she stated: “I think it is not so easy shuffling acting with the home front. Another challenge is some people behind the camera at times declare one’s fees to producers or executive producers. It can be painful especially if the person doesn’t pay one’s bills”.

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