Sogbadero says Osun must decide leaders based on character, integrity

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Folaranmi Ajayi

Honourable Olufemi Eniolapo Johnson has explained that Nigeria must learn to choose leaders based on character and integrity and not any howness.


This is he disclosed at the Ila Oragun Youth summit held today at the famous ila palace.


“It is a tragedy that today that our stakeholder and leaders don’t look at character and integrity but consider money and loyalty to their cabal”.


There is no place for leadership capacity, integrity and ability to serve others through thick and thin”.


Hon. Olufemi mumbled that our nation doesn’t have issues like natural disasters but the disaster we have is that of leadership.


The Governorship aspirant from the African Alliance Congress (AAC) earmarked that our nation is in dire need of leadership and capacity development and it’s about time we decided to take our destiny into our hands.


The program which was graced by students, graduates and undergraduates is brian child of Aworanti Salvation Grace and it is a yearly conference that instill leadership,political and career skills in the youths of Ila.

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