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Six Ways to make money online in 2022

Welcome to Patriot Institute of Journalism and Arts—PIJA digital training, in this post I am going to teach you six proven ways to make money online without a stress.



I am Enoch Oyedibu, your trainer.


Let’s get down to business:


Have you ever played a Ludo game before? If you had, then, you’ll agree with me when you play double six, even when it seems the game is over you’ll still be happy while your opponent shivers.


This is the summary of what you’re about to read.


And this is why the headline remains SIX WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. It’s a 6-6 game. And you’ll win.


By the time you’ll finish with this article, you’ll be ready to make 6 figures and even, poverty that has been playing with you (if at all it had) will shiver.


Let’s get further down to business.


There are a lot of Profitable Online Businesses you can do and that will earn you passive income even while you continue with your physical work.


They are free and as long as you have your Smartphone or P.C. you’re good to go.


Reno Omokri and the most notable Nigerian and international online business owners have shared a lot of secrets to making money online even without paying any dime.


Some of the ones Reno shared was, answering survey questions, watching YouTube videos and getting paid for just watching among others.


We still have like listening to songs and getting paid for it, typing names and getting paid for it e.t.c.


One of the other means to make money online is by running a blog/website and by consistently posting on it.


Cryptocurrency is also there.


As in, there are a lot of opportunities right embedded online that youths can leverage.


And this is why I made this post.


I have chosen the best 6 Profitable Online Businesses you can do to bring you passive income.


And these Businesses you can start them at Zero capital!

Don’t forget this is Patriot Institute of Journalism and Arts—PIJA we are committed to training you on digital skills not taught in schools.

Let’s continue…


As long as you have your Smartphone and you have the knowledge on how to make use of it, then you’re good to go.


Below is the long list of them and how you can start each of them right away:

1. Youtubing

In January 2022, when Reno Omokri would be speaking on the best Online Businesses you can do in the year and accumulate a lot of profit, he mentioned Youtubing as Number one.
And why?
It is because youtube is the most profitable website that is capable of paying you for a lifetime even when you don’t update your channel with videos.


Aside, youtube is a video sharing platform and in the virtual world we live in, people love seeing and watching than reading things this is why youtube has been a hotcake nowadays.


Moreover, not all videos made on youtube can drag a billion of traffic


There are some that in 6 years, only one view and 0 subscribers they will get


And if you’re that kind of person that want to earn with YouTube, this is a bad market for you.


YouTube has something. In other for you to start earning, you need to at least have 1000 subscribers and as well over 10,000 views.


How would you have these then?
Don’t panic!
All these problems have been solved in these video tutorials


You’ll get to learn how to create a Youtube channel, how to start making money from it and how to get about 1000 subscribers and 20,000 views in 30 days.
Click here

2. Freelancing

I have written a lot of posts on Freelancing.


You can get some of my posts on Freelancing here


It’s just one of those topside jobs you can do and you’ll earn up to 100k and more in a week.


Freelancing is just about working with a variety of companies and getting paid for each of your work.


You have no boss.
You have no person to account for.
You’re your boss.
What you’re doing are rendering services.


If you’re good at what you do, companies will hire you to deliver services to them.


And each of your services you get paid.


You can start Freelancing on websites like Fiverr.com
Upwork.com and more
You just need to open a seller account and start selling your skills


Note: Your account needs to have a necessary touch for you to attract buyers


For example on Fiverr buyers are coming from every part of the world


And as they come they are coming with problems hoping you could help them to solve


Problems like Graphic Design, translation, editing, writing, web creation, and more


So, for example, if the skill you’re selling is Web creation…


And a buyer from Pakistan want to create a website so such contact you on Fiverr


For web creation alone, you can get up to 100 to 200 dollars and even more depending on whether WordPress or other web categories you want to create.


You know prices varies.
You see how amazing it is.
Moreover, there is a little problem.


There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr. Even the skill you want to sell, you’ll still see thousands of others selling it.


So the fight is now how all of you will attract customers to your side


Your ability to attract customers then rests solely on the formation of your page and its settings


Read Also:


There are appealing and persuasive techniques that you can use to set up your page on Fiverr and will attract customers to you, instantly.


Aside, when you create your attractive page for the skill you offer, if your skill is searched for you’ll be found at the bottom of those who offer that skill


So, in this case, buyers may have issues in locating you at once


Because sellers that are best and rated high are displayed and recommended by Fiverr to customers on the home page.


So, some customers are always in haste. When they see that FIVERR recommended sellers, they don’t waste much time looking further they click on those sellers and started their negotiation


This is why you need to strive to make your page to the top on Fiverr


Also, there are many things you need to learn before you start selling on Fiverr if you know you want to make money in nothing less than a week


This is why Ajeigbe Morouf has prepared video tutorials and PDFs for you on how to start selling big on Fiverr. With these FREE tutorials, you’ll learn a lot on how to set up your Fiverr account


Your sellers’ account on Fiverr will be opened for free


You’ll get to have a PayPal account as well (because you’ll need PayPal to withdraw your money from Fiverr)


You’ll get a lot of other benefits that I cannot be counted here, (so it will not be like I am advertising for the tutor)


You may ask, Why do I need to watch these videos?


Because you need to learn the right way before you can climb the ladder of your success


The first step to your breakthrough is getting the right information, and that is what you’ve just read


The second step is learning the right Information and the last aspect is taking ACTION!


You need to learn the right information and take action
Click here
If you want to watch the video tutorials and start earning fast on Fiverr, click here

3. Virtual Assistance

Looking for another digital job you can do from home, virtual assistance is yet another one.


With this, you can earn up to $5 to $50 per hour.


What you just need to do is provide digital assistance to people who need them


Nothing more.
And you get paid.


Click here to watch Free Masterclass video tutorials on how you can start being a virtual assistant and earning big with it.

4. Amazon kpd (Kindle Publish on Demand)

When I come to discover Amazon Kindle Publishing, I nearly bite my tongue for not annexing it since these days.


It is another digital job that is capable of giving you up to $5000 in a month.


What you’ll just be doing is to publish books (either novel, short stories, logbooks, journals e.t.c) on amazon with over a 300million visitors every day across the world.


If you’re a writer like me, this is a plus for you.


And if you’re not a writer, Victor Ashley has prepared a Writing Without Writing Formula guide to lead you on how to start making a lot of money on Amazon while still not a writer.
Click here to learn more.

5. E-commerce

E-commerce is another printing machine that is capable of printing you about 500k in a month without advancing you in stress.


You will not leave the comfort of your home.


You’ll either use your smartphone or P.C and yes, you’ll make a lot of money with it.


What is E-commerce?
It is a commercial transaction done between companies all around the world online.


You have no issues.


You can trade with a wears company in Japan, trade with a jewellery company in Dubai and yet not leave the comfort of your home
Learn more by clicking this link

6. Affiliate marketing

This is the greatest of all and this is why I made it the last to explain.


Affiliate Marketing is what I have done and of course, I have seen a lot of its gains


It encompasses all businesses listed above and one of the reasons I said is the greatest is, if you do it, you’re already doing all the five I listed above


This will avail you a chance to earn either close to or over 750k in a week.
No exaggeration. It is tried and tested.


You can check my previous post on Affiliate Marketing, here to see how youths are printing money with affiliate marketing.
You need no referral.


Affiliate Marketing is just selling other people’s products online and getting Commission for doing so.
You need not stress yourself


You only need to be pressing your phone
Market other people’s product online.
And once you made sales, you get your Commission instantly
No faking.
To register
Click this link to take a 72IG course and implementation, prepared by Toyin Omotosho that will walk you through the process
Also, if you need any assistance concerning all I have written, you can get in touch with me through my WhatsApp here.

The neck-deep investigation, OSINT Fact-checking, Climate Change airing the marginalized, and doing critical and accountability reporting is what I do. I lead a group of professional investigators at the PIJAlance Magazine Research and Investigations Desk (RID). If you have a story, check 'contact us' to hit me.

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