Six Things Never To Tell Anyone In 2023 Except God

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Like the Yoruba do say; as you learn work, learn caution. I want to welcome you once again to the New Year, and it will be my greatest joy to see you prosper. I have decided to tell share with you SIX things you should never tell anyone except God. Likewise, I will be glad to hear your views and thoughts after reading this, tell me whether you do agree or disagree with me:


(1) Don’t tell people your plans. They will sabotage you.


(2) Don’t tell people your weaknesses. They will use them against you.


(3) Don’t tell people about your failures. They will always see you as a failure and never give you the opportunity.


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(4) Don’t tell people your next big move. Move in silence and act and shock them with results.


(5) Don’t tell people your secrets. Only fools reveal his secrets.


(6) Don’t tell people your income or the source of your income. Always make them wonder.


Cheers to greatness! 

Folaranmi Ajayi 

Communication & Career Coach

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