Six Months N79,800 Disappears from my Zenith Account, Staff told Me to Give up

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Igboke Matthew, a customer of Zenith Bank PLC has told The PIJAlance how a sum of N79,800 that happened to be his last penny went missing in his bank account around November, 2022. Despite, having the name of the receiver (Abiola Idera Odutolu) and the bank account as Zenith, a member of the Bank’s staff in Ogbomoso, Oyo State branch has advised him to give up.


Matthew said it was his November and December salaries paid into his bank account ahead of the Christmas celebration and was the only money with him then.


He said at exactly 06:01 p.m on 30th November, 2022 when the money was paid, he received a debit alert of N79, 800, of which, he never initiated any transaction.

Six Months N79,800 Disappears from my Zenith Account, Staff told Me to Give up
The printed image of the debit alert.

The aggrieved man said as soon as he received the alert, he hurriedly visited the nearest Zenith Bank branch to withdraw but was unable to do so.


He said he inquired from one of the security men what may happened while relating his ordeals, they told him to come back the next day.


Matthew stated that since that day he had visited for more than two months, wrote letter as was told to do, however, nothing came up. The only thing that came up was a piece of advice from one of the staff who told him to give up.


“I was paid my two months salaries ahead of the December period. Funnily enough, the evening of that day, while I was inside my room, the money was transferred to one Abiola Idera Odutolu account. The account is also a Zenith Bank. However, I never initiated any transaction,” Matthew said.


“I visited the bank immediately to confirm and withdraw, they told me, I should come back. When I visited again, they asked me to write letter, I did but nothing came up.


“At some point, one of the bank staff just came to me and said I should just give up, it is a fraudulent act. I said why can’t they tracked the account, it is also a Zenith Account with name on it….they said it cannot be done.


“I also saw one man who was complaining about his 1.8 Million Naira missing. They’re telling him the same thing.”


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