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Seyi Makinde In The Face of Politics of Bitterness



The truth we all need to know is that there will always be three sides to it. We’ll always have your truth, my truth and the truth. Your truth and my truth can be faulted on the floor of heresy, diluted and scattered with the forces of subjectiveness and sentiments; thus when bringing it into politics, bitterness gets enthroned. However, the truth, against all odds, always prevails. It is the only, perhaps, the nearest to God’s purity if not, Messiah himself. And like the Christians’ Christ who innocently came to save the world while your truth and my truth waged a war of tongues and hateful tantrums against him; so Seyi Makinde, the incumbent Governor of Oyo State who because of his goodwill and genuineness towards Oyo citizens, greedy opponents have started the war of words, fake propagandas characterised with deceits, malice and hatred, with unfounded claims…just to truncate the good governance Oyo residents enjoyed for four years. Indeed! Good cause has a million foes.


Alas! Political deceivers are on the rampage. The people need to be on the alert, and ably be informed to not be deceived by their so-called propaganda to destroy the Seyi Makinde administration. Many of them are blind to the truth, deaf to the truth and even alien to the truth. They have ears but cannot hear the wonders of how Oyo workers get their salaries paid in due time, how pensioners who were considered “dead people” by the All Progressives Congress’s former Governor, Late Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi, get their benefits; the euphonium sound of joy reverberating almost every day at the educational sector; the renewed experience of the farmers in agribusiness, among many others. Maybe they’re not just deaf but are willingly deaf to the TRUTH that will always prevail.


It is so shameful that just because of the position of power the opposition is still blind to see the most permissible and invaluable construction of roads, erection of the ultra-modern motor parks, and gas plants among many others Seyi Makinde administration has done and how these have immensely contributed to the growth of Oyo State economy. A leader that cannot acknowledge a good thing when spotted will rarely lead, at all.


From the one whose family suffer division and cannot lead a successful home to the one whose identity as a crooking lout or a notable statesman is still on the altar of quizzing, among others; yawning your truth and my truth backed with corrupt subjectiveness will take them nowhere but their fathers’ house.


The fact remains Seyi Makinde and his ministry of good governance came at a time when the Oyo Citizens needed them most. It was at a time when the road to good education became stagnant in trajectory and when honest opinions of the citizens addressed to the sitting Governor then, attract only bullies, insults and uncultured heated abuse, darting many to the parlance of sorrow, agony and even death. This was at a time when workers’ salaries were unpaid and nothing seems working.


This was at a time when godfathers reign supreme and at a time when LAUTECH ownership was still debated between Osun and Oyo. This was at a time when Emmanuel Alayande was still a College of Education, at a time when some specific roads in Ibadan, Oyo, Ogbomoso and other parts of the State were covered with dangling crooks and meandered asphalt. This was at a time when everyone seeks for a change.


A change from the administration that opened guns to the youth for protesting over their schools being shut down for over eight months. A change from a government that abuses citizens, a change from a government that every day, emasculate the economy. A change from a government that was nonchalant against the well-being of the citizens. The question every citizen should ask is simple: Did Seyi Makinde live up to his campaign promises. If yes, (of which it is) no points for the oppositions.


Understandably, all the candidates contesting in Oyo State for the gubernatorial election want to WIN. Nevertheless, it is glaring that some out of many are going nowhere. Oyo people have spoken and their voices only echo the name Seyi. Makinde, as informally they used to say has “gbe Oyo people de be.” Meaning, he has given the people the taste of good governance. They are not ready to trade it for any other opponents coming with blurry visions.


Advisably, you need to be told, your truth of lies and my truth of deceit don’t matter again. No amount of fake portrayal of the Seyi Makinde administration can change the hearts of the people. Come rain, come sunshine, the people have spoken. Seyi Makinde is the embodiment of the people’s power, with him, the people finally realised that they have the power. His alliance lies with the people and God, the father, nothing is changing that. All Candidates, except Makinde, should go and rest, Agodi is not their fate in 2023.


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