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Sex For Fun: 7 Sex Myths Debunked For You

Oluwanisola Eludoyin


Sex nowadays has been mistaken as otherwise of fun whereas it isn’t. This article will focus on exposing you to Seven Myths about sex that are not true.


Myth is defined as something that many people believe but that does not exist or is false


Sex For Fun: 7 Sex Myths Debunked For You

Although sex was often done for biological reasons, millennials and Gen Z have designed new meanings and reasons for sex and some of them are:


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There is no generation that loves to explore more than millennials and Gen Z. They explore new jobs, new technology, and in sex, new positions such as missionary, reverse cowgirl, six-nine, and so on.


This reason for having sex is sometimes to understand what turns you on and what doesn’t; what you’re attracted to ; what kind of position makes you cum, and so on.


Thus, sex for exploring is common these days and is a valid reason to fuse bodies.


Sex For Fun: 7 Myths Debunked For You
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Sexual orientations differ and new ones keep sprouting. The world is slowly turning into a place where no one can easily assume what the other’s sex interest is.

Some sexual orientations you should know are;

Straight/Heterosexuals: these are people who enjoy having sex with the opposite gender, that is, male and female sex.

Homosexuals: these are people who enjoy having sex with people of the same gender. For example, a male having sex with a male and a female with a female.

Bi-sexuality: these people enjoy having sex with both genders. That is, they enjoy having sex with same gender and also with opposite gender

Pan-sexuals: these people are attracted to anyone, regardless of their gender.

Asexuality: people who do not like having sex and are not attracted to any gender romantically.


It is no longer enough to be attracted to a particular gender by merely looking at them, sex helps to make faster decisions. In other words, you can easily know your sexual orientation by having explorative sex with different genders.



Sex is also done to feel good about oneself. Infact, this reason is quite common. Sex is a major stress relief, a technique to bring people closer to each other, and also a way to express love.


However, as much as sex is commonly done nowadays, it doesn’t mean it is commonly enjoyed as well. Infact, a lot of myths are associated with sex and in this article, we would be debunking seven of them.


Sex For Fun: 7 Myths Debunked For You
Passionate romantic couple spending time together before New Year near beautiful Christmas tree at home. Sexy young woman and handsome man are sitting near bed in sweaters and hugging. Tender couple. Credit: Pinterest

Here are seven sex myths you should debunk.

Myth 1: Sex is a painful act.

This myth is especially spread by women. Although the first time may hurt, consequent ones aren’t meant to. If sex is a painful act for you, there may be underlying reasons for that and they include ;

• STI/STDs: Sexually transmitted diseases and infections can cause pain during sex. You should visit your doctor if you have any infection.

• Not being aroused enough: this is a common reason for pain during sex. If you’re not turned on enough for sex, it would be painful while doing it. Take your time to be aroused in order to enjoy it.

• Force : If too much force is being applied during sex— perhaps your partner takes pleasure in having sex like a porn-star but it doesn’t sit well with you— it could cause pains


Myth 2: Using Salt and Water after sex prevents pregnancy

The first priority of sex is to make babies so mixing of salt and water to prevent this priority could only go wrong. However, there are some ways to prevent pregnancy and they are;

• Use of contraceptives: there are various types of contraceptives and more keep sprouting as new technologies evolve. Some of them are, Condoms, birth control pills, birth control Implants, and IUDs.

These contraceptives however do not work in the same way for everyone. You should see a doctor to prescribe the appropriate contraceptives for your body type and sex regularity.

• Withdrawal method: this is a method of not ejaculating in the vagina while having sex. But It is not a proven way of preventing pregnancy.

• Abstinence : another way to prevent pregnancy is to not have sex.


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Myth 3: You cannot be sexually infected if there’s no ejaculation

Sex begins immediately there’s a physical connection between the vagina and the penis ; two vaginas or two penises. So, sexually transmitted infections can be passed whether there is an ejaculation or not. There are however some ways to prevent STI/STDs and they are;

• Condoms : Condoms are sheaths which are used to prevent pregnancy and infections during sex. They come in different flavors and there are condoms for females and condoms for males.

• Getting tested and sticking to one partner: If you want to prevent infections without using condoms, you should get tested regularly along with partner and stick to one sexual partner.


Myth 4:Pornography is real-life sex

The availability of porn and sexual movies on the internet can create false ideas about how sex should be.

In porn and movies, sex is done smoothly and everyone looks perfect. Infact, all positions seem to work perfectly, including a female just lying on the bed without spreading her legs.

However, in real life, it’s the complete opposite. Sex can be awkward and weird sometimes. You could hit your head against your partner’s while trying to switch positions. Feel free to laugh about it, you’re only humans. Do not expect your partner to be perfect like others on-screen and do not compare your sexual life to that of others. Sexual activities can be improved with thorough and honest communication.


Myth 5: Sex during menstruation cannot lead to pregnancy

Being calculative and trying to outsmart sex has never worked perfectly for anyone. Put simply, sex can lead to pregnancy at any time, whether during your menstrual period or ovulation. Singling out your safe period can be quite risky because there is no such thing as safe period when it comes to sex.


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Myth 6: Sex is the only way to have an orgasm

Orgasms are blissful. However, women do not have it as easily as men do. With a few thrusts, a man can cum but women require so much more.

Although sex could lead to orgasm in females, it is not entirely true that it’s the only way to be satisfied sexually. There are other ways a woman can reach orgasm and they are; clitoris stimulation, nipple stimulation, and exploring of the erogenous zones.


Myth 7: Oral sex cannot cause infections

Oral sex are common these days and examples are, sucking the penis and licking the vagina. A common misconception however is that these activities cannot cause infections.


The saliva has a lot of bacteria in it and this could cause an imbalance in a vagina or penis, and can lead to infections if there is no protection involved.


Conclusively, sex is an enjoyable act but all actions have consequences. Whether for fun or copulation, ensure to protect yourself and your partner properly.


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