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Senate Mock Assembly: Akinniyi Hosts Inaugural Session at YABATECH



In a landmark event for the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), the 44th Senate President, Akinniyi Akinwande, hosted the first Mock Assembly organized by the Senate arm of the Student Union Government (SUG). Held on April 30, 2024, at the college’s CE10 Engineering Building, the assembly carried the theme: “Bridging the Gap Between the Students and the Senate.”


This historic session marked the beginning of the new Senate council’s activities and provided a platform for stakeholders to engage in legislative processes. It was attended by prominent Yabatech campus figures including the first and 42nd Senate President after reinstatement, Senator Peter Sunday; the 44th SUG President, Comrade Morakinyo Olaolu Sola; the 44th General Secretary, Comrade Ojikutu Nofisat; and representatives from the Nigerian Youth Parliament and Lagos State Parliament.

Senate Mock Assembly: Akinniyi Hosts Inaugural Session at YABATECH
Senate President Akinniyi Akinwande

In an interview with PIJAlance Campus Information Desk (CID) Team, Senate President Akinniyi Akinwande emphasized the importance of the Mock Assembly in educating students and Senate members on parliamentary procedures. “This event is crucial for sensitizing our community about how we can improve student welfare and make informed decisions,” Akinwande stated. He stressed the Senate’s role in ensuring student concerns are effectively communicated to the college management.

Senate Mock Assembly: Akinniyi Hosts Inaugural Session at YABATECH

SUG President Morakinyo Olaolu Sola highlighted the tradition of organizing a Mock Assembly at the beginning of each new administration. “This practice introduces new members to Senate operations and provides essential information for their roles,” he explained. Sola underscored the significance of student participation in extra-curricular activities, which he believes are crucial for developing leadership skills that are valuable beyond academic life.


General Secretary Comrade Ojibutu Nofisat discussed the assembly’s broader impact, including tackling issues like sexual harassment on campus. “We need to create platforms and appoint stakeholders to address these challenges,” she said, urging new students to speak up against intimidation and harassment.


Emeritus Senate President Peter Sunday added that the Mock Assembly serves to clarify the responsibilities of student leaders and ensure they understand their roles in representing their peers. He advised students to hold their leaders accountable by engaging actively in the governance process.


Representative Honorable Daniel Agbaje, from the Lagos Mainland Constituency, emphasized the importance of legislative knowledge for students. He noted that understanding the law-making process equips students to create effective policies within the campus.


This event in all senses, showed the extent involvement of students in governance and the need for transparent, accountable leadership. The Mock Assembly set the stage for a new era of active student participation in YABATECH’s legislative processes and PIJAlance RID team will be very much attentive to follow its constant proceedings.


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Jerome Kalu is the Campus Information Desk (CID) Editor for PIJAlance Magazine.

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