See how Masquerade, Ajomagbodo sit on air without stool

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The ancient ogbomoso masquerade, ‘Ajomagbeodo’, most times pronounced as ‘Ajomogbodo’ has came out today with its habitual repertoire of sitting comfortably on the air to display and amuse spectators, everyone.


Recalled that the month of August is usually a month for observation of traditional rites at most yoruba town.

In Osun State, it’s ‘Osun Osogbo,’ while, ‘Ogbomoso’ egungun festival known as ‘Masquerade Festival.’


PIJAONLINE learnt that ‘Ajomagbeodo’ meaning, ‘the one that dance without carrying stool’ is an ancient ogbomoso masquerade whose habitual mystical display is to sit on the air, rest, shake, and even allow people sitting on its laps without faltering.


Pijaonline correspondent was on the scene where the masquerade perform its enigmatic display.


Below is the video…



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  1. Victoria says

    Am proud of ogbomosho, ogbomojugun ilu tan tin je ka kan to mu ko yangan…

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