Scientists To Research On How to Grow Human Organs

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Future holds the possibility of regenerating human organs without needing an artificial organ or a donor as reaearchers have launched findings into how human organs can grow again, independently.


The research, if successful, could help amputated hands and legs regenerate again without the attachment of any artificial ones.


The cripple could walk again while the blind and the deaf might eventually regain their dear organs, back.


According to the Massachusetts researchers, the new research is aimed towards giving hope and solving humans’ problems.


The researchers disclosed that a recently discovered member of Salamander family called axolotl might help to achieve the dreams.


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Tech Inside also report that Axolotl is capable of growing every organ, including, limbs, eyes, mouth, lungs, hands, legs among others.


Researchers said it has launched research on Axolotl genes to decipher exactly what is responsible of reproducing organ in it.


According to them, once discovered, possibly, it could help reproduce human body parts also that might have been lost through accident fatal or ghastly.


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