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Revealed! Why I mute voodoo when I was arrested — Sunday Igboho


Enoch Oyedibu



The secessionist, Sunday Adeyemo, famously recognised as Sunday Igboho has said the reason why he didn’t use voodoo (charm) while he was arrested for what he didn’t do was because the fight requires Intelligence not just Voodoo.


This became known shortly after his arrest in Cotonou, Benin Republic, through a viral video of his interviews with BBC, two years ago.


Igboho said what is still seen as an holistic prediction hence that, “Buhari will command soldiers from Abuja, to come with Armoured-Tank—they will surpass those fighting Boko Haram insurgency in the north… They will call me a killer.”


As it is, the raid at his residence and his arrest, glaringly okays his prediction.


The video interview of July, 2019, went viral once more after his arrest in Cotonou.


In the video, the peace and Liberty campaigner for Yoruba land, Sunday Igboho promised to go after the herdsmen if elders and kings in Yorubaland would sign an agreement with him.


Speaking on why, he might not use voodoo on them, “they will call us names if we start to use what(voodoo) we inherited from our fathers.


“If someone wise up today or Sunday Igboho raised – Buhari will command from Abuja, soldiers that will come with Armoured-tank will surpass those fighting Boko Haram war in the north.



“They don’t see themselves in the north; they will mean our action if we start our activities here.”


He said the fight against killer herdsmen is beyond voodoo but, according to him, requires intelligence.


Igboho was arrested on Monday by security operatives in an airport in a neighbouring country, Benin Republic, while trying to flee to Germany.


At present, his repatriation still remains vague.

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