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Rescuing Sokoto Students From Academic Nonchalance


Oluwatoyin Hawal


The academic situation is getting worse, so some of them are giving up. Nigerian education is uncertain to know wether the storm will overtake it or not, knowing it is our right and not a privilege. This goes without saying that education is not something that you have to do, but if you get the chance and have a lot of people who will support you along the way, it will make your job easier and you will be better at the job you want to do as though you don’t have to deal with the same difficulties in reading, presenting, and reviewing as your classmates do, which is typical for students following a schooling path.



Sokoto is a place of learning with a learning-friendly environment, just like any other state. It’s nice to talk about their happy lives and normal school environments. The majority of their younger children haven’t been exposed to the right things at the right time because they haven’t yet been exposed to Western knowledge.





However, because I am working on a project about “mother tongue” and need to collect the necessary data, I am required to attend a public school in Sokoto. This is especially true in a public high school, the Sokoto metropolis secondary school serving as the case study.




I tried my best to find all the project-related information online, but it was hard for me to get it right or how I wanted it. Even though I’ve seen a lot of works online that look like what I need, mine was very different. The project I’m working on involves schools, students, and teachers, I need to visit some schools to finish it on time and without a hitch.





Sadly, I discovered that a government school is close by. In order to gather data for the project I’m working on, I decide to first visit the school.





“In Nigeria, I have only visited the western states of Kwara and Oyo, and I have probably visited almost every “Northern State.” However, I can confirm that Sokoto has the highest population of people who lack education; these people are uncivilized in accordance with western knowledge and are all prepared to engage in politics. What are their methods? “Imani stated





To tell the truth, the people of Sokoto ought to alter their approach to education in a more serious manner. Since it was 11 a.m. when I spoke with that man, some high school students simply attend school to learn. How many missed periods have they had?




Even someone who has only recently arrived in Sokoto is aware that, if not for the university, technical college, and teacher training schools that attract students from various states, it may be difficult for them to become civilized and educated, as some of them now enjoy such privilege. They have many elite elders, but their younger ones never see that as an opportunity to expand their lives, and it appears that they have nothing to do with Western education.





In fact, all of their private schools are doing very well in primary and secondary education. On the other hand, some public schools have specific stages, and some students who attend these schools do not learn anything new; they continue to behave the same way when they return home.





“I will train my children to work in businesses, but I can’t send them to school. I see nothing great to gain there except for trash. Take a look at the students who are scheduled to attend school at this time (11:00 a.m.); even if you stay late, they will still walk home around (12:00pm). As a result, until I am able to afford to send my children to a private school, I would rather let them play at home or anywhere else in the neighborhood. After that, I’ll send them to private schools because I don’t trust the public school system. Additionally, playing at home is superior to playing at school. A man said


Indeed, none of the students at the public school I’m referring to attend school to learn; rather, they view it as a playground for fun and go home without having learned anything, particularly those taking the “National Examination Council.” If they have an exam at 12:00pm, you’ll see them walking down the street toward school around 2:00 p.m., and they’ll allow them because that’s how things work in their state and how they’re used to it.


In conclusion, I would like to exhort the government of Sokoto State and the federal government in general to thoroughly investigate these issues and find a definitive solution to all of the bad habits that are currently developing in public schools across the nation, not just in Sokoto. From its inception to its current state, the Nigerian education sector has been destroyed by a number of parties, including the government. Government, you need to pay attention because, if you don’t, who else do you think will do it better?You have a responsibility to all citizens of the nation to provide a high-quality education and a conducive learning environment, but in the end, you do nothing for us. Make sure that all public schools—primary, secondary, and tertiary—are covered in your efforts to improve Nigeria’s education system by connecting your actions to everything you do. We needed new changes!


Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho is a student at Biga College of Education in Sokoto, where he studies Islamic studies and English language.

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