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PIJAlance Next Five Year 2022


Agency Report

Tobi Amusan is a successful track (among our PIJAlance Next Five) and field athlete who specializes in the 100 meter hurdles and has won several international championships. To Amusan, athletic is more than passion, it is life and she usually demonstrate this in all of her games even as she lost the World Female Athlete of the year to America’s Sydney McLanughlin-Levrone. Tobi Amusan is a rising star and looking forward for more medals to be won in the coming seasons.


Agwuna Favour is an affiliate pharmacist who is passionate about public health and has founded several organizations to promote health and education in Nigeria. She has also won awards for her innovative ideas and has several publications and manuscripts under review.


  • From Sim Card Seller to Apala Singer, Oyetunji Emerge PIJAlance Next Five 2022


Joseph Oyetunji, Popularly known as Jossey Apala has emerged among the selected-few of PIJAlance Next Five 2022.

Hailing from Ogbomoso, before becoming an Apala singer rapidly rising to croon across Nigeria, Jossey was a road side sim card seller and a medicine store apprentice.


It was an amazing drift for Jossey Apala, in 2010 when he made the decision to become an Apala Singer.


He was never taught the craft but as expected has sought every effort to polish his skills. Today, there is absolutely no native of Yoruba, Jossey cannot sing their panegyrics.


In his words, Oyetunji started singing back from his primary school days. But his professional sojourn began with me venturing into a trade, to learn the trade of selling drugs (popularly known in street parlance as “chemist”). Later, “I soon discovered that I was not really into this such that I didn’t complete the training before I dropped out of it,” Oyetunji stated.


PIJAlance NEXT 2022

“I later joined an organisation called, DemmyGlobal, selling sim cards. That was where I met one man called Mr T-fat. We used to sit in his shop where I’ll be performing Yoruba traditional songs like Àpàlà, ìjálá, ewì and all sorts and he would often lament that ‘this boy is gifted’, that is, me. So he took me to Ademola Adeniyi known as Kukulaja who worked in Parrot FM in Ogbomoso, then. Kukulaja promised to introduce me to someone who also works in the radio station whom we will together be co-hosting a programme on the Radio Station. They call her Yèyé Oge Alamoyo. She does chant oríkì which I also do. I was with her for quite a while and we continued doing programmes together.


“Then sometime last year, when the news of Sunday Igboho and his struggles started spreading, I was intrigued by his exploits and I decided to do a song about him. So I sat, put my brain to work and completed the song titled ‘Sunday Igboho’ which went viral.


“Soon one afternoon, I would receive a message from someone that they would like to see me. They inquired if I sang the song ‘Sunday Igboho’ and informed me thereafter that Sunday Igboho wishes to see me. I honoured the invitation, sang beautiful songs for him and he gave me a lot of money.


“Then after that, I was invited by a Radio Station in Ibadan, Stride FM around University of Ibadan Second Gate. I started shuffling between Parrot FM and Stride FM in Ibadan. Though I am now more permanent in Parrot FM where I am currently doing a programme with one Lere Noah Alapo.


“It has been two months now that Bolaji Sanusi of Ajilete FM in Ogbomoso, also invited me that he wants me to begin a programme with them at Ajilete FM owning to how well I perform ìjálá, ewì, èsà and the like. All these are talents I discovered, I never learnt them anywhere. They are all God-given talents.


“I finished my secondary school in 2013 in Anglican High School in Atenda Area, Ogbomoso. I did my elementary education in Ebenezer Baptist Basic School in Okelerin. I did my tertiary education in Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo (now Emmanuel Alayande University of Education), where I graduated from in 2019. I will soon be starting a Degree programme.”


Akande Michael, is (among PIJAlance next five 2022)  an emerging social analyst, Business manager, versatile administrator, Media expert, Advocate, and humanitarian sold out to the service of humanity. Michael believe providing a safe and sane society for the young ones and promoting justice in society are core reasons why he has to live and so he does. Michael is committed to peace building and eradication of gender-based violence. He is currently the Coordinator of Voice Against Rape and Sexual Harassment (VARSH) Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Chapter, Initiative. You can go scot-free when you steal his meal, but when you’re webbed in a sexual assault—ACTION as he is fondly called will never let you go until you face your consequence. Akande Michael has participated in a lot of charity projects, personally and organizationally sponsored. He is resourceful in critical thinking, risk management, and also in problem-solving.


Adedoyin Precious popularly known as Most precious is a rising musical star specialized in amazingly singing at Liveband. As a studio vocalist, Precious was born and bred in Ogbomoso, Oyo state but currently living in Osogbo. Graduated from a private school of music, to her, music is all about passion and it’s the only way she get to express herself. Most Precious may be agoraphobia but when it comes to music, she can face millions. Music is just life for her and continuous use of her vocal cords seems to be what gives her less worry about life. Most Precious is still single but we wouldn’t know if she is searching.


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