PIJAlance @1, Launches 3 New Desks to Enhance Justice for the Marginalised

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Agency Report


In an effort to better serve and empower marginalized communities, PIJAlance has launched three new desks: the Campus Information Desk (CID), the Research and Investigations Desk (RID), and the News Impact Desk (NID).



The CID will provide a platform for students to share their experiences, while the RID will be composed of trained investigators who will expose crimes and corruption perpetrated against the weak.



The NID will help PIJAlance achieve its goal of making a positive impact on the community.


PIJAlance is inviting members of the community to share information and utilize these resources to seek justice in all sectors.


This announcement comes as PIJAlance celebrates its one-year anniversary.


We are rebelling against social injustices. We engage in Journalism of Impact. Amazingly, talented to gather, write and report stories that cut across the marginalised and stories that work towards societal development.