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PICTORIAL: Uproar as Six Men Found Dead in Osun


Mayowa Bamigboye


As the Osun residents continue to enjoy the ongoing traditional holiday, their joy met with a hollow in Modakeke, Osun State, as six men were found dead along their ways to their respective farming.


As though, the attackers of these victims and the story that surrounds it still remain sketchy, yet, a source said some unidentified hoodlums were spotted attacking farmers on their ways to farm early this morning with cutlasses and local guns.

One of the photograph of the gory scenes

Moreover, the names of the victims have yet to be identified. Some modakeke residents have already allegedly accused Ife residents of the brutal acts. With the view of this, corpses of the victims were at first, moved to the palace in Ife known as Oni of Ife Palace.


But, the Citizens of Ife tagged such act as ‘disrespectful’ and immediately, shun the act.


Another source said, “we should not be too quick to jump into conclusion. Something like this happened some times ago and then, remember, they at first, said Ife residents were the one that killed them. Whereas, they were not.

Another photograph of the gory scenes

“It was later when investigation was carried out on the case, before people later knew that it wasn’t Ife residents.”


However, the dead bodies have been moved to OAUTH in Ife.


Modakeke is a town in Osun State, South West with a population of close to 500,000 people.


The Modakeke residents are also known as the “Akoraye,” while Ife remain the historic Yoruba source.


Modakeke has history in act of valour and farming dexterity.

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