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Oyo State Politics: A Circus of Self-Serving Clowns in Peculiar Mess




It is hardly surprising that the current political climate in Oyo State has become what can only be described as a “peculiar mess,” with self-serving clowns in a circus of shameless tussle. This mess is perhaps best exemplified by the candidacy of the grandson of Adegoke Adelabu, a man who made a name for himself in the Western Region for his disruptive and self-serving actions, Adebayo Adelabu of SDP.

Oyo State Politics: A Circus of Self-Serving Clowns in Peculiar Mess
Executive Governor of Oyo State, Dr Seyi Makinde, PDP 2023 Gubernatorial Candidate for his re-election.

Grandfather Adelabu’s actions, which included undermining the efforts of the AG party and sowing discord among the Yoruba people, ultimately led to the region being dubbed the “wild west” during operation “were” in the 1950s and earned him the nickname “Penkelemesi,” a corruption of the Yoruba term for “peculiar mess.” Grandfather Adelabu used this unfamiliar phrase to mockingly describe the state of affairs in the west then while giving absolutely no concern even if Oyo can perish.


The man is particularly, the number one crusader of racism who during his lifetime hated the ijebus with ethereal passion. He capitalised on some anti-Ijebu sentiments among native Ibadan residents, especially after the loss of the Osun division which was supported by Action Group leaders such as Obafemi Awolowo, an Ijebu-man, and Samuel Akintola, Ogbomoso-man. With such hateful volition and hurtful legacy, one will not know his grandson, Adebayo Adelabu will one day want to contest the election in the same region his forebear had sought to destroy.

Oyo State Politics: A Circus of Self-Serving Clowns in Peculiar Mess
Adegoke Adelabu, 1956.

In 1955, Adegoke who became a district council was subjected to an investigation into allegations of corruption, HistoryVille noted. With this one can say, Grandfather Adelabu’s actions then were not limited to political sabotage. He was also found guilty of corruption. It is a shame that a man of such intelligence and cunning did not use his abilities for the betterment of the Western Region, but instead chose to further his interests at the expense of others.


Thanks to Adegoke Adelabu, the Ibadan People’s Party was founded, and a youth group from the Ibadan Progressive Union during local elections in 1951 as a challenge to the Ibadan Progressive Union’s old guards which he eventually used against his tribe in power…


Adelabu was the first man who proposed the carving out of a central Yoruba State, that would comprise of Ibadan, Oyo, and Ondo Provinces, from the Western Region following his defeat in an attempt to be the Prime Minister of the Western Region. This desire though was seen as an act of patriotism, it is merely an act laced with racial hatred of Jesus and an avenue to get his desire fulfilled.


Oyo State Politics: A Circus of Self-Serving Clowns in Peculiar Mess
Adebayo Adelabu, SDP 2023 Gubernatorial Candidate, Oyo State.

That same year, Adelabu opposed the leadership of Nnamdi Azikiwe because it supported a tripartite national government consisting of the AG, NCNC, and NPC. He detested the inclusion of AG where he described it as an unholy union, HistoryVille noted.


Now, in all these, his grandson seeking to contest for power may have probably forgotten about what is called posterity. And if he does, we, the scribblers of histories, will never do. In Grandfather’s footsteps, we’ve seen, he will trend and that is probably why he is running for the Oyo State seat of power through the SDP. It is a disturbing thought that someone with such a legacy would be allowed to seek such a position of influence and responsibility. But unfortunately, this is not the only disturbing aspect of the current political climate in Oyo State.


Oyo State Politics: A Circus of Self-Serving Clowns in Peculiar Mess
SenatorTSenator Folarin, APC 2023 Gubernatorial standard bearer.

Candidates from some political parties have shown a complete lack of concern for the well-being of the people they seek to represent. Akande Adeola, for example, did nothing to address the widespread water shortages in her constituency while in office in her two terms since 2007, instead focusing solely on securing her re-election and reelections. The same goes for Senator Teslim Folarin, of APC among others. This became puzzling part to think that even those who are currently in office and seeking re-election have shown a complete lack of interest in the issues facing their constituents, how much more of babies like Olamijuwonlo Akala and a self-acclaimed Omoolore; nothing, of course, should be expected.


In contrast, Seyi Makinde of the PDP has proven to be a capable and dedicated leader, with a track record of tangible achievements and a genuine desire to serve the people. It is clear that, in the current political climate of Oyo State, the best choice for the people is to stand behind the PDP and its candidates, rather than those who have demonstrated a willingness to put their interests above the needs of the people they seek to serve.

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