Outlook for Android and iOS Gets Two New Features from Microsoft

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Adeyemi Abdulkareem, Abuja

Microsoft has announced that it will be introducing two new features to its Outlook mobile client in February. These Outlook for Android and iOS is aiming to improve the user experience for both Android and iOS users.


For Android users, Outlook will now allow users to send an email as an attachment while creating it, eliminating the need to go through multiple steps to send attachments or manually forward multiple emails. This Outlook feature for Android has already been available for Web clients and Outlook desktop, and its addition to the Android version of Outlook will provide greater convenience for users.


In addition to this, iOS users can expect to see more customization options added to Outlook in the coming month. This will allow users to personalize their experience and tailor Outlook to their specific needs and preferences.

Outlook for Android and iOS Gets Two New Features from Microsoft

Alongside these updates, Microsoft is also considering the possibility of merging Outlook with its popular team communication platform, Teams. This merger is expected to be released in March 2023, and if implemented, will provide a seamless integration of email and team communication for users.


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Overall, these new features and potential merger demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to continuously improving and evolving its products to meet the needs of its users. Stay tuned for more information and updates on these exciting developments.


Outlook for Android and iOS

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