Otaefun killing: Sogbadero laments loss of value for human lives

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Folaranmi Ajayi



Honourable Olufemi Eniolapo popularly known as Sogbadero has lamented the recent killing in the state by the Police noting that there is no value for human lives by the men of the police force in Osun State.


This he disclosed while addressing journalists on the recent crisis that erupted in Otaefun, Osun state.


According to the honourable, we must place priority on human lives and men and women of the force must discharge their duties professionally and not like louts and street urchins.


While commenting on the recent event that led to the death of one man during a brawl with the police the honourable seeks for a just society.


“Well I was at the scene of the event and what I saw and experienced was entirely bad and show that as a people we take laws into our hands and there is no value for human lives.


We can not continue to run this society like this, we must be civil, responsible, tolerant and give respect to that average common man on the street” he emphasised.


Sogbadero disputed that the loss of that innocent life would have been averted if we maintain a society that is safe and free of outlaws in and outside government.


According to another eyewitness: the level of oppression in the state is seriously alarming and both government officials and everyone noble citizen of the state must respect each other regardless of their status.


Meanwhile, the state government demanded that the perpetrators be brought to book and his identity revealed.

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