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Osun Sex worker vomits blood after encounter with alleged ritualists


A yet-to-be-identified sex worker has been vomiting blood since Friday after an encounter with three suspected ritualists.


It was gathered that the ritualists picked her up from a hotel in Osogbo, the capital of Osun State on Friday night.


A source said the ritualists asked for a threesome when they arrived at a hotel at West Bypass.




She told them should could only handle two men at once.


During the haggling, one of the men hit her with what appeared to be a charm.


She lost consciousness and started vomiting blood.


The Field Commander of Osun Amotekun, Amitolu Shittu, confirmed the incident to our correspondent on Sunday evening.




He said: “I personally led the team that visited the entrance to Adetunji Estate that evening.



“Before she started vomiting blood, the lady told me she was living in Ofatedo, though an indigene of Sagamu in Ogun State.


“She mentioned one Becky as her friend. She said three men had taken her from another hotel in Ofatedo and took her to a hotel around West Bye pass.


“At the hotel, they told her she would sleep with three of them, but the lady said she told them she could only sleep with two men


“While bathing with one of the men, the suspected ritualist hit the lady with charm on the head and she became almost unconscious.


“She was still talking to me when she started vomiting blood.


“Because it was late, I asked the night guard working in the area to watch over her, while I arranged an ambulance.


“By the time I returned to the scene, her friend Becky had brought a bus to carry her.


“It was such a pathetic story.”

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