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Osun, Lagos, Nasarrawa, Others Commissioners Guilty of Job Racketeering

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A socio-political group under the aegis of Nigerian Citizens Action Group (NCAG) has reinstated its claim commissioners representing different states at Federal Character Commission (FCC) are behind the allegations of job racketeering at the Commission. 


The group also exonerated FCC Chairperson, Muheeba Dankaka of having any hands in shady deals in the Commission.


In a Friday evening press release signed by Comrade Salahudeen A Lukman on behalf of NCAG on Friday, July 28, 2023, the group pointed fingers at the Commissioner representing Lagos State at the Federal Character Commission in Abuja, Abdulwasiu Kayode Bawa-Allah.


It said, “our indepth and independent investigation revealed Mr Abdulwasiu Kayode Bawa-Allah, the Lagos Federal Commissioner at FCC wrote to request for job slots targeted to be sold to Nigerians from numerous agencies, ministries and departments of federal government without authority, approval or consent of the Federal Character commission management board.


“Mr Kayode should come forward to deny he didn’t write The Chief Judge of Federal High Court Abuja, on the 5th of July, 2021 and the comptroller General of Nigerian Custom Service (NCS) on 20th of June, 2022 requesting illegal and unauthorized job slots.


“Nigerians will assume Mr Kayode is a man of integrity or a patriotic citizen when he started speaking on top of his voice, raising false alarm against the chairperson of the FCC, but those who know the truth know that his wolf cry is laced with greed and disgust he feels because the FCC Chairperson has blocked the dirty and shady job racketeering business of the dubious and fraudulent Lagos Commissioner at FCC.


“We challenge Mr Kayode to debunk this fact or provide section of FCC act that empowers him as Federal Commissioner to write MDAs for such, we shall make public soonest the evidences as well furnish National Assembly investigation committee with same.”


Comrade Salahudeen added that,” like we have pledged to dig further the dirty dealings of corruption personified federal commissioners whose fraudulent dealing have been hindered by the new executives led by Muheeba Dankaka, hence the attempt to twist the narrative to incite the public against the chairperson with allegations of job racketeering in the commission.


“Nigerians will wonder how a cooperate Federal Government Commission under presidency with a defined bureaucratic and established management and official communication channel like the FCC, having her state commissioners writing to ministries, agencies and departments requesting job slots without the consent of the Commission Chairperson. Some even go as far as requesting for ridiculous favour from these ministries/agencies/ departments.


“In madam chairperson words, ‘when you fight corruption, corruption truly fights back.'”


Recall this medium has reported that the NCAG accused Abdulrazak Adeoye, the commissioner representing Osun State at the Federal Character Commission (FCC) and cohorts of being the culprit behind allegations of job racketeering at the Commission.


Recall that on Wednesday at the resumed hearing of the House of Representatives ad hoc committee looking into job racketeering at federal establishments, Muheeba Dankaka, the chairperson of the Federal Character Commission (FCC), and some of its commissioners engaged in accusations and counter-accusations of impropriety and nepotism.


The committee is looking into personnel hiring practices, employment racketeering, and improper use of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) in ministries, departments, agencies (MDAs), parastatals, and tertiary institutions.


The commissioners charged Mrs. Dankaka with deleting certain names from the payroll and substituting them with others.


They were Abdulrazak Adeoye (Osun), Moses Anaughe (Delta State) and Mamman Alakaye (Nasarawa State).


According to the Premium Times Nigeria report, Mrs Dankaka, while responding to the allegations against her, said she had already made money before joining the government, adding that it was a case of corruption fighting back.


She said the commission was “a marketplace for selling jobs” before she joined in 2021.


“I now believe the adage that says when you fight corruption, corruption will fight back.


“I did not come to this place (FCC) to make money but to serve my father’s land.


“I swear with Almighty God, apart from the oath, I can take an oath with the Quran. Before I came here, I had made my name. I had made my money.


“Before I got to this place (FCC), they were selling slots. The place was like a marketplace. You can find out from people that live in Abuja if I am lying,” she said.


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