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OspolyDecides2021: See Namacos Aspirants for Departmental, Faculty, SUG posts


Enoch Oyedibu






As we welcome the presence of the semester’s of campus political jamboree in the Osun state polytechnic, iree, all hands are on deck, getting ready for the elections to come.




The elections which, will cut across the departmental levels, faculty levels and Student Union Government level will be the 20th of its kind in the history of the institution since 1997/1998.




Worthy of note, a ban has been placed on the elections by the management for reasons or a reason unknown, yet, there are numerous aspirants getting prepared to launch their cannons of political propaganda immediately after the ban has been lifted. Although some politically drunk and impatient politicians among the aspirants have stylishly and secretly been engaging in discreet campaigns through their various social media platforms where articles, flyers and short quotes are seen saturating the air, it’s still unknown whether the management has said the campaign should begin.




However, based on the diversities of political perspectives and ideologies, dozens of aspirants have opted in for Students Union offices, departments offices and faculties offices.




Funnily enough, those aspirants are up to five in each department and Faculty across the institution, aiming for the same political seats. It’s amazing how the conflict would not occur when interest gratification is at stake.




In the Mass communication department, for the Students Union Government presidency, formerly were three aspirants aiming for the same position.




The likes of Comr. Onawale Sodeeq (Chinbo Lee), Comr. Ogunlade Kayode Afolabi (Afo) and Comr. Bamigboye Peter Oluwadamilola (DammyGold) were the known aspirants at hand.




However, Comr. Onawale Sodeeq has agreed to stepped down for Comr. Bamigboye Peter Oluwadamilola based on the reason weaved with peace sake, while, the intention of comr. Ogunlade kayode afolabi (Afo) still, remains unknown.




In the same department, aspirants for faculty president are two: Comr. Amolegbe Jude Idowu and Subair isaika (Breaking).




Still in the Mass communication department, aspirants for departmental president are, Balogun Ismail (Barlow) the present Namacos HND 1 class Governor, EDM Olaniyi Gbolahan and Olumide whose full nomenclature as of the time of filing this report, still remain unknown.




Interestingly, the coming elections will be one of the best with channel to break and scatter the lifelong friendship, while uniting another cahoots.




Dear ospolites, pijanews is ready to keep you abreast as ospolites decide in the coming 2021 campus elections. Stay tuned!

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