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Ospoly: We must not fail your course, Mr Sanusi, students say


Enoch Oyedibu


Students of Osun State Polytechnic Iree have cried out that they must not fail any of Mr Sanusi’s courses after he didn’t allow them take test due to their inability to pay for his course handout.


This was discovered during an investigation of our campus correspondent which cut across gathering a series of complaints by students on campus at the Polytechnic.


Mr Sanusi who is one of the course lecturer at the department of General Studies is fond of not accepting students to do class test due to their inability to present what he called serial numbers.


The students who pleaded anonymity as touching to the content of this story said this is a general menace among students across the departments and many a lecturer mandate handout numbers before submission of tests, assignments and what have you.


According to one of the aggrieved students, “Mr Sanusi, In the first semester, when he taught us sociology. I attended his classes, read all his notes, but because of the economic status of Nigeria and other related factors, I couldn’t pay for his handouts and so many others.


“To pay my tuition fee is hard and in fact, despite I paid half. I will pay the rest of the half this semester again. But the man doesn’t care about whether students pay tuition fee or not, more like other lecturers, they are solely concern in buying their handouts and all continuous assessments are always tied with handouts. You don’t have handouts number, you cannot attempt any of the assessments.”


Students complained that the lecturer is fond of discriminating between those who paid for his course materials and those that didn’t pay.


“During his test, he was signing all our script. I never knew he only signed those who pay for the handouts, since they must write their handout numbers on their script. I sat for the test, write what I needed to write.


“I was still writing when he get to my turn and eventually signed my script. Not long, he asked me, ‘where is your handout number’ I stammered and said, I have none, then he wrong his signature and put question marks on my script. Meaning, I can’t do the test without the number.

Image of the script of the student Mr Sanusi had earlier signed before he wronged again because of handout number, today (8th of September, 2021) in one of his class test.

“This is how myself and many were left with no continuous assessments done in our first semester and we paid tuition fees.


” In our second semester also, which is the present. He is taking us Social Philosophy and on the day of his test, again, which is today. He started signing all our script. He did get to my turn also and he allowed history repeats itself, he wronged it again and said ‘you don’t have serial number’ having signed it at first.”


Video of how Mr Sanusi signed and wronged the student’s script today in a class test.


Worthy of note is that the issue of handout is gradually becoming a menace in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions as some management authorities kick against sales of handouts while some secretly continue this onus despite its restrictions by the ministry of education.


According to another student who pleaded anonymity, “I have used my tuition fees to pay for all my handouts fees before. I did this because all assessments given in class were tied with handouts numbers. Without handouts number you cannot attempt the assessments. And since I heard that 30 marks is all our continuous assessments, I cannot afford to miss all that. But, this soon affected me, because by the time I’ll get back my tuition fees, management had added 10,000 late registration fees to payment of tuition fees. I don’t have a choice I paid.”


Another student from Business Administration department said, repeatedly lecturers usually tell them, if you don’t buy my handouts you will fail my course.


In faculty of Science, another students opined “handouts is considered serial number for our success. In fact, inability for us to buy is a straight answer to failure.”


Students however call on the school authorities and all concerned bodies to come to their rescue in a trying time like this.


Worthy of note, it is very critical that in Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, handout numbers are important than matriculation numbers. Lecturers all through the campus departments prefer students pay for their course materials commonly called Handouts than paying their tuition fees.


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  1. Hazard says

    Say no to extortion and bad behavior to student
    This is veto power over us
    May God help us

  2. Pisces scales says

    This news won’t be of any change to the deed that has been done .. because the man was the most lenient among all lecturer taking General studies in our department he even gave the grace of letting those who misses last semester test write the test in order to protect them from failing…..the students who were left out today are just crying over split milk… I mean he announced the date four weeks ago in order to let them prepare..

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