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Ospoly Sug Cup: Mass Communication won over mechanical engineering Dept. in its first match.


Enoch Oyedibu

The Mass communication department has won over the mechanical engineering department shortly, today in an inter-departmental match organised by the Students’ Union.


The match lasted for a duration of 90minutes and in 3minutes about the end of the first half, mass communication student score.


It would be recalled that about some days now, the inter-departmental match has kick-off between the various departments at the Institution as slated by the stakeholders involved in the institution’s sport matters.


It was today, slated for the Mechanical engineering versus mass communication departmental match—a match that happens to be the Mass Communication department first.


The match swiftly commenced with a lot of enthusiasm both from the mass communication football teams and mechanical engineering football teams which, gave many students thoughts that the match is going to be a breathtaking one.


However, about 3 minutes to the closing up of the first half, Adefila Yinka with a playing number 13, scores, making the mass communication department a score above the mechanical engineering department.


Furthermore, at about 11: 49, some minutes to the end of the match. No score was made until the end of the match and that makes the mass communication department to carry-the-day.


With this, the mass communication department has maintained again its reputation that it carries first in all of the departmental activities in the institution.


Mass communication students are still of the view that the SUG cup will be bagged home by then.

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