Ospoly Micro students beg MGT presence over lecturer who increases handout fee often

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Enoch Oyedibu



The Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Microbiology Students of the Faculty of Science have pleaded with the Institution’s management to intervene over one of their course lecturers who increases handout fee, frequently.


This was disclosed in a series of interviews done by the PIJAONLINE with the students of the department.


Mr Alabi who is the course lecturer for Psychology increases the Handout fee as he likes without genuine reasons. Even, despite the ministry of education verdict that tertiary Institution lecturers must not sell handouts.


Mr Alabi at first sold his handout in 1000 but later increased it to 1,200. Afterwards, 1,400 and now 1,500 the handout is sold to the students of the department.


Aggrieved students said they are not working, they are students how can increment be upon the handout fees frequently. “This is foreign.”


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“Mr Alabi is a man with no tinge of pity. As if we are working, he taxed students exorbitantly in the name of handout fees. I called that extortion. His handout on psychology, a course we are taking this semester, Mr Alabi had earlier told us that the fee of the handout is 1000, despite the command of the ministry of education they are still selling handouts and we are still buying. No complaints, but when he increased the handout fees, as if, his handout has turned the dollar that fluctuates to the future, to 1,200. We were surprised, how can such be. This is new to us, we have never heard it before.


“Little did we know that he will increase it again to 1,400 now the handout is sold 1,500.”


Another student of Biochemistry said the lecturer does not pity students. There was a time hastiness to take one of his continuous assessments led a student to got injured, rather, he pity the student, he left the class.


Adding that the said handout—psychology course—is sold for the Biochemistry students at the rate of 1,200. (Though the source wasn’t sure if it has been increased, again).


Reacting to this in a phone call with our reporter, under the guise of one of his students, Mr Alabi the lecturer in charge of the course confessed that he asked the course representative to increase the handout fee after four weeks.


“It is after four weeks I asked the course rep to increase it, and it is not compulsory, people are not serious they don’t come to class, and they don’t pay for it”. He said.



The students however expressed their dissatisfaction with the increment and call for the intervention by regulatory bodies and the Osun State government on what they called “extortion” that is raping and depriving them of their academic excellence and rest fulness.ld.ness.

Meanwhile, a call through the Faculty President, Comrade Ganiyu Oke, popularly knowns as Ogo, said he knows nothing about the increment of the handout fees by the said lecturer.


Moreover, some other students expressed their dissatisfaction with the increment and call on the intervention of the management, NANS and the Osun State government on what they called “extortion” that is “raping them of their academic excellence.”

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