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Ospoly: Mass Comm Students Cry out over want of lecture rooms


Agency Report


Full-time students of Osun State Polytechnic, Iree have raised concerns over lack of lecture hall as Part-time students commence their first-semester examination making lecture room not available for use.


Students said that it is Incumbent to the Ospoly management to always inconvenient Mass Communication full-time students’ lecture rooms for DPT students whenever they have examinations.


Students cried that this is affecting them academically as they are lagging behind seriously.


Verified investigations conducted by PIJAONLINE had it that the reason for this is that the institution has very few lecture rooms to capacitate the multitudes of students admitted every session into the department, and while the institution ought to either built enough buildings for lectures, or regulate the number of students would be admitted every session, the institution choose to sacrifice academic studies of Full-time students for DPT students.


NAMACOS students (Full-time HND 1) narrated their ordeals to the PIJAONLINE in the of late examinations  DPT students had.


“We were the only department mandated to go and receive lectures at Koko Campus, some miles away from campus (initial place where full-time students ought to be receiving their lectures)


“It is unbearable that every time DPT students are having their examination, it is always mass communication students that usually suffer in terms of no lecture rooms for lectures.

“Those times we couldn’t receive proper lectures as most Lecturers even didn’t attend classes and students who considered the venue far. Throughout a number of weeks the DPT students did their exam then, we could not have lecture properly.


“Now that the DPT students had start their examination today now, only God knows when we will have lectures.

“We don’t want this, we need proper change.”

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