Ospoly Campus Politics: The Aspirants and Their Styles 1

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Enoch Oyedibu



“If the wise chose quietude, fools will triumph and society will collapse at their mismanagement of the society’s fund,” this aforementioned statement was pulled from one of the intelligent speeches of Honourable Jean Bodin detailing the catastrophe that can bewitch the society at the silence of the political thinkers, critics and journalists like myself and others are “The Wise.” Yes, we will not be silenced and I am about to speak through this writing, I titled: OSPOLY CAMPUS POLITICS: THE ASPIRANTS AND THEIR STYLES 1. This will be broken down into phases and will steer clear the need to educate the entire Ospolite as we welcome political canvassing and activities, shortly.


The battle for the next set of political activities in Ospoly will soon commence with all aspirants from all across the departments, faculties and even the Student Union Government level.


It’s another time to engage, another time to canvass, another time to write, another time to talk, another time to motivate, another time to inspire, another time to bamboozle and another time to brainwash the Nigerian students.


Would you agree that this forthcoming election will be full of different activities with the stories of alliance ‘A,’ alliance ‘B,’ favouritism, nepotism, ‘Godfatherism’ hooliganism and with the mirage of incompetent students fighting for positions; one would say that leadership in Ospoly are not meant for the highly intellectual elitist-students but for those who have what it takes to take the bull by the horn and steer the will for chronic bone of contention.


Politics will never know rest if the players of the game are nincompoops, power-driven and a bunch of political miles glorisus with myopic and blurry visions of the necessities. These gamers or players of the political game are the groups of those that see politics as a bloody or dirty game. Politics is not.


Politics are the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power. Politics is one of the social activities that aimed to make people’s life go green and full of beans while not neglecting to increase power within an organization to profit the society.


In OSPOLY, Ears are full with some heartbreaking gist of how some students, somewhere in the bush are threatening each other already against the election that hasn’t arrived. Different caucuses have been formed, even in the same departments, there are over five factions that have been formed to be in readiness for those elections.


The examination is there, academics are there—the one that happens to be the primary assignments of all, yet the power-mongers are threatening each other for just mere intra-campus posts. What for? It doesn’t worth it.


If I will digress a little, for any departments/faculties with different political groups that have been formed against the coming elections at whatever levels, to win any of the intra-campus political seats, will be just impossible. Why? Because you have already been divided.


Have you forgotten, United We Stand, Divided We Fall? What brings your division is your clash of interest and likeness.


Some students want the whole of their faculty to dominate the SUG, while some also want theirs to dominate among others. Some mates want all of their close friends to dominate the departmental and faculties posts. Some have had their allegiance pledged to some godfathers who would have boastfully told them those political seats are theirs. Some are lacking the spirit of teaming while others are lacking the spirit of stepping down for each other. As such, there is a clash and the matter put into play what was played during the Awolowo and Akintola reign in the then western region. Dancing to this old Yoruba proverb, “Kaka ki kiniun o se akapo ekun, onika luku yo ya se ode e lotoloto ni…”


Ah! Not minding, the several departmental divisions in within all faculties and some faculties holding themselves in contempt.


You will never go far this way. Ask the southwestern history, it will tell you how this conjoined to her greatest mistakes in history.

Unity is the secret to every success. Walking alone will help you walk fast, but walking collectively with people of like mind, will surely help you to walk far. Far and fast are two distinct words for the logically sound person.



It is essential that all departmental independently formed groups should unite, pick a representative from each group and form a united departmental group; that should be repeated to the faculties so all in unison can represent either of the faculties in the SUG election. As though, one will win, another will lose but going by this, I am sure, if there are no sybarites, even losers will rejoice with the winners and their homes (faculty and department) would not be spoilt.



I, as a student-investigative journalist will never back down in discharging my duties and reporting you live in all forms of your misdeeds. The goal is to help you become better, think straight and don’t take politics as do or die.


In place of this, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree students, particularly the newly admitted students and a few among them that have a political ambition to partake in the forthcoming departments, faculties and Student Union elections are advised to be warned and should not take politics as nincompoop, uncanny and brainless politicians usually take politics.



Enoch Oyedibu (Patriot)

Investigative Journalist

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