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OSPOLITES: How you can obtain academic success



Interestingly, as our examination is now 90 percent sure and still 10 percent fidgeting; based on the plethoric of all students’ conducts and our attitudes towards school activities; it is understandable many know, yet they approach wrongly; also some that don’t know, were devoid exorbitantly on how to approach and that usually aid the exodus of the academic mass failure, of which it is of many students’ delight to not be found being the Standard Bearer of such designation. As a result, I am bent to write this laconic but eye-opening missive to all students of this academia.

See, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree is one in a kind citadel of learning where a tinge of success is not obtainable without a hard-work proper. Hard-work in the sense is not for you to turned workaholic; OSPOLY is not a canvasser of that but, a propagator of you doing the work of academic success you desire.

If there is anyone, anywhere that have told you that “if you buy this and that” you need nothing to worry about, you will pass—what a deceit of the highest degree? You are being deceived. In fact, the person has successfully enrolled you in the school of the wrong; a kind of stereotypical ideological school of success abstractness; whose only graduates are Charlatans and Vainglorious sons of King Kong. In essence, it is a lie. No magic anywhere; you do the work of your grade. Every students of ospoly needs to know this fact, especially ‘freshers.’ Some of the freshers are brilliant from home, but being raptured under the tutelage of a quackery teacher of the wrong, then they steadily grew into being dullard and now graduate into a state of daftness, which gives them nothing but a result of nothing to write about.

In OSPOLY, academic success is not attainable without your consent and that is your hardwork. Wondering, if I should even caged this assertion to OSPOLY alone or apply it to all institutions; academic success is obtained through diligent services and hardwork.

Part of the goal of this writ is to analyse what you can do to obtain the academic success. As a knowledgeably distinct-lecturer with the streams of magnus opus, Mr Idowu Akinroye; the sub-dean of the Faculty of Information and Communications Technology (FICT) as earlier stated in an orientation programme organised for the newly admitted students in his department, Mass Communication, some few strategies you can put in place to learn and attain your academic success in OSPOLY; as a student, I will borrow from his raw-given gold and rebrand it into a shiny and glowing one. Following are what you can do for your academic success to be ascertained:

  1. Diligently Observes the proceedings of those continuous assessments; you need them
  2. Read Extraordinarily (like mad person, I do say)
  3. Pray Superfluously (Like everything depends on God)
  4. Play little (that’s your hour of realization)

The above are the essence criteria to ascertain your academic success, without observing them; you are undoing yourself (equivalent to doing yourself—non-standard).

Worthy of note, you cannot desire distinction and work, talk, eat or read with NORMALCY! It is impossible! What you want is abnormal. You are surprised. But that is the truth. Distinction itself linguistically means, “Difference” or “stand out.” There are two criteria that usually make something or someone stands out amidst the crowd.

  1. If such thing or someone is Higher than anyone/thing (positive standing out)
  2. Or Lower than anyone/thing (Negative standing out)

Simply explained, distinction tells your difference among the crowd. 0.99 GPA is also a distinction but while it is a negative distinction, 4.98 is indisputably what? You know! As such, to achieve this distinction; a mode where you stand out amidst the crowd as the best graduating student of the department, faculty and the institution itself; you cannot read normally. It is impossible. You must read abnormally. Your conducts must completely be abnormal; out of context.

Abnormally in the sense that, while others are sleeping, you are reading, while they are awake, you are sleeping, while they are chatting with each other, you are busy surfing online researching on questions you don’t understand, while they sleep again, you read, while they club, you engage yourself in vigil with God and while they eat, you thrown yourself in fasting; all for your academic success; of no doubt, you will attain the success.

You cannot do what others are doing and prosper. Take note. You need to be different. Different in all and until the next time, I wish all of us a groundbreaking academic success in all of our examinations. I pray may we all understand what we have and will still read in Jesus name.

Until next time we meet again through this scribbling ambient,



Yours in finesse

Enoch Oyedibu (Patriot)

Director at Patriot Institute of Journalism and Arts—PIJA

Gmail: oyedibuenoch73@gmail.com

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