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Just In: Ospolites condemns Impeccable administration – Online Poll

...says it fails to deliver promises, boastful, subjects of mgt


Enoch Oyedibu


Students of Osun State Polytechnic,(OSPOLY), Iree, has condemned Ajao Samson Impeccable-led administration calling it an administration full of failed promises and claims in an online poll organised by PIJAONLINE.


Different students who responded to an online poll made series of comments condemning the administration as one that is a puppet and subjected to management tactics filled with too many failed promises and boasting.


Students who doesn’t want their name in print said that the union under this administration didn’t do anything new at all as they have claimed they will eradicate tax clearance but failed to do so.


“You don’t make promises or claims around and make mouth like you are the alpha and omega of everything and still couldn’t achieve nothing but a show of words”.


Another respondent claimed the union had the wrong set of people and it was difficult for them to achieve anything as they neglected their basic duty but attack perceived opinion.


This is coming after different reports that the union Public Relations officer, T. Taiwo had earlier attacked campus leaders from the opposition and bullies perceived critics.


Speaking during the online poll, Tiamiyu Adegbola stated that the union had tried their best but their best is not enough at all as they were elected to serve and not to gallivant.


“I, personally didn’t support this team because I didn’t see them delivering anything but since the students foolishly voted them in there was no other choice we had to accept them as our leaders “.


Shola claimed that impeccable didn’t understand the leadership of the union as he was always misdirected and misguided by his team and leaders.

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“It is very simple you cannot give what you don’t have at all and I see that Impeccable doesn’t have a good guide at all”


Paparazzi commend Impeccable administration saying the union president tenure is free from issues and the academic calendar went on smoothly.


“I must commend his administration was quite a successful one to be candid he tried because we all know it’s not easy to go against the administrative order secondly his administration went well without no closure of the school and no strike the academic calendar was observed as scheduled

Lastly, he is indeed a lovable person he was accepted by all I submit temporarily”.


Reacting to paparazzi Emmanuel commented that it is the Deputy rector and the Board of studies that are in charge of academic calendar and administrative work isn’t within the jurisdiction of the union.


Another student stated that he tried, tax clearance wasn’t his fault but management. If at all he doesn’t do anything, he helps students to not pay an additional 10,000 nairas late registration fee on school fee.


Speaking against the claims of the late registration fee a student claimed that the administration didn’t fight any student battle on its statement that the union is always hiding under the shadows of writers and other fearless writers across the departments.


“During the transportation hike, you will recall that some students publicly confronted the increase with write up and agitations before the union started anything, I read what some writers wrote and none of them was from the union.


It was later that the union made an attempt and claimed the glory thereafter”.


Ojo Gbenga in his desire to throw more light hinted that Impeccable and his cabinets shouldn’t be blamed at all but the process that brought them to power is the one that allows nepotism and favouritism to reign over competence.


Afolabi Samuel who joined the argument said he agreed that they didn’t do anything worthy of praise but some executive members did some things notable but weren’t new as sports and other events are normal activities.


Afolabi challenged the union and requested that they present any of their achievements online and let’s debate it.


As the students get closer to the polls different types of questions are begging for answers as regards the union activities across the students’ community.

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