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Oroki Day: Nigerian Youth Bridge Cultures


Enoch Oyedibu


A Mass Communication lecturer in Osun State Polytechnic, Sikiru Adekunle has described Youth as a bridge between cultures.


Mr Adekunle recounted this during the annual celebration of Osogbo National Students Union, Iree Chapter, often tagged Oroki Day on the topic: “the role of youth on our cultural heritage and political emancipation,” delivered as the guest speaker of the occasion.


The lecturer who was also an alumnus of the institution, added that youth has the potential to achieve social peace between cultures.


He said youth can act as a connection between cultures and as well serve as key agents in promoting peace and intercultural understanding.


In his speech “let me begin my speech like this. One of the greatest challenges facing governments and policymakers in Africa today is how to provide opportunities for the continent’s more than 200 million youths so that they can have decent lives and contribute to the economic development of their countries.


“Slightly more than half of the African youth population is female, and there are more rural dwellers than urban dwellers. With such a large proportion under 15 years of age, Africa’s youth population is expected to grow in the years to come while the Youths population in other parts of the world shrinks.


“Undoubtedly, the challenges for youths that are central to Africa’s economic development are numerous and varied—they include employment, health and political participation. And these These issues differ among groups within countries (by gender, education level, ethnicity and health status), and across countries and regions.”


Mr Adekunle added that Youth has been confined into some set of constraints that may hamper their growth and only by serving as connection for social peace can they make impact in the society.

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