Op-ed: Why Ospolites will never forget Impeccable Administration (A description of the Anvil and the hammer)! 

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Ospoly Media Team



Team Impeccable-led administration on January 28th, 2021 became victorious in one of the most talked about election in the history of the polytechnic. One would have imagined that the calmness of impeccable and the boastfulness of Olans would be a blessing to the administration but it was a game of chance between the devil and the deep blue sea.


The election was free and fair in the Nigerian Context where attacks on voters, lecturers, electoral observers to the gentlemen of the press and many other stakeholders who were seen as a threat to their sinister plans. One would give up the electoral credibility based on the activities of both camps of the alliance. Well, in the words of one of OSPOLY’s brightest political analyst and campus journalist, “the highest rigger won”.


One would have seen the signals coming from the outset, but many were blind to see the word impeccable is far from the personality called IMPECCABLE! No human is perfect, but you will agree that impeccable is merely acting a script from the claim that he was from Iragbiji to the claim by many that he wasn’t, well that’s a story for another day. Impeccable didn’t win the election but his masters won, and they practically showed it from the beginning. He was a careful actor, carefully following the scripts of the directors even when he had no choice.


After his election, what next? Did OSPOLY get any better as far as the student union and activities are concerned? Let’s have a cue from his inauguration speech written on his behalf.


First of the objective of his administration is the WELFARISM of the students. “WELFARE” which cut across “Security, Health and Comfort,” Impeccable achieved none of these as his administration brings more hardship to the academic life of the students and have enhanced insecurity and giving non-students power over students. Tell impeccable that it is welfare and not welfarism.


In terms of Security, it is scored zero, even, judging by the unexpected, but, precedented occurrence that emerged during the late satanic ISEC election marred by all sides. Hoodlums, entered the school premises freely with machetes, axes and allegedly, guns. No security officer could stop them, not even the union. It remained dormant and silent on issues that needs it attention. They are always the last to reply as if they are only ceremonial waiting for writers and pen users to speak before they get to scoop how to present their error-ridden articles, thanks to Action who is now the new PRO of the union by addressing all issues on behalf of his master.


On health, ask Impeccable, when last did his administration contributed to the growth of the school medical centre, or distribute any hygienic medications to the students. This might not be within their jurisdiction what policies have they reviewed or they deaf to the fact that students no longer get drugs at the medical centre. Ask him, what has he done to cater for the health matters of the students. It is not a crime to visit the centre and see how students are being attended to. All that we have today were achieved by the previous administrations.



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On comfort, until now, I have not seen where students enjoy comfort during the administration. As a matter of fact, the administration emerge when the country is in the economic chaos, the school management joined hands with the country to make life harder for students by charging students exorbitant fees in all aspects, and we could get from a union is audio promises here and there.


Secondly, “Under my watch” he said on the inauguration day of his administration, “Ospoly will frown at any form of OPPRESSION by any GROUP, and or INDIVIDUAL, shun cultism and exam malpractice.” I wondered what these student-leaders think of goals, perhaps, to just say for saying’s sake without working towards it. This he said also, was a dream blighted with infertility, his administration did nothing in tandem to what was said. Check below, if I lie.


Recently, when there was a hike in the pricing of the Iree motorcyclists, a student of Mass Communication who went to meet with the chairman of the motorcycle riders in the community met with an unfortunate event of his life, yet, Impeccable did nothing to it. He was beaten and handed over to the policemen while his gadgets seized.


Truthfully, Impeccable delight to serve Ospolites in his dreams, but has no genuine plans to achieve them. What a pity for a leader who failed to understand the power of promises and reality. Shockingly, the union PRO at every opportunity intimidate students, attack them and use his physical strength to bully them. Recently, he almost attacked members of the press on campus because he believes no one dares challenge him. We miss that rugged and fearless union leaders who will not tolerate hooliganism and oppression of all kinds. Now one can’t differentiate between Tee Taiwo and Action, one his acting as the PRO and one is busy intimidating oppositions on campus.


Interestingly, at about the quarter part of his administration, Nigeria Economy dance to the tune of cataclysm the more, and the Iree community riders hike their pricing. Impeccable tried to provide succour to this but, couldn’t, rather, to show he did, his ever-ready to assault PRO wrote an untrue internal memorandum to mislead the Ospolites that the price has been reversed yet, it wasn’t, the community riders stick to their prices. What a sort of temerity is this!


Tellingly, the administration would have achieved a milestone, when it boasted that it had conquered the tax clearance issues during submission of files but, unknown to them, management had duped the administration when it gave a one-month chance for students to submit their dossier without so-called ‘Tax clearance’, shockingly, it reversed the order and even commanded those who had submitted their dossier without Tax Clearance to go and present their tax clearance with stupendous alacrity. The students were thrown into a brouhaha, some went off-balance, while the failed administration vibe to the rhythm of taciturnity.


How do you make a Taylor a teacher and expect any enviable results? It is incredibly flabbergasting that despite the glaring failures of this administration, rather it admits, no, it boost over them that it achieved greatly and this is why, it is tagged “Failed Achievements”. Don’t worry, it is one of their stooges that will reply to this piece showing another leadership failure.


The administration tried rebuilding the Union building, yet, it has been left gratuitously ever since; lying still in decimating state. By default, all these counted make the administration a failed one as though, the union stands strong, the impeccable-led administration is a failed administration. If properly analyzed, the failure is not caused completely by his administration alone but with the collaboration of the management and all other unseen godfathers who don’t grant the administration complete access to exhibit its democratic power. One of them even told students that they are using their money to re- build the union building. This is the height of their ignorance and vainglory seeking.


Sadly speaking, Impeccable-led administration can never be forgotten for failed achievements and haughty P.R.O… The administration would have been considered fair, in terms of relation, if its P.R.O had also acted properly as his position required. But, he doesn’t.


Comrade Olayinka Taiwo, fondly called Tee Taiwo, the Public Relations Officer of the Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Students’ Union Government has further validated his incompetency to be in the position he is by playing the opposite of what he should do.


The fault though stands with whosoever presented TEE Taiwo for P.R.O, it is unimaginable to consider the former P.R.O Liberty, one would even agree that Tee Taiwo cannot define Public Relations this is because his actions are direct opposite and you will find him anywhere there is intimidation, disorder and oppression on campus. Ask P-laugh, Ask Medinat and the gentlemen of the press that were once victims.


Leadership among the students is now contested by yahoo boys, veiled cultists and hooligans, all in the name of alliance and muscularity.


What then is the essence of manifesto, rigorous screenings and political ideology classes, Aspirants with money and charisma are less needed in the Union. Tee Taiwo is the quintessence of butcher of corporate image. Impeccable administration hasn’t procured for itself fantastic image, Tee Taiwo still find good days to sabotage the already sour corporate image of the administration. It is a shame!


Without dilly-dallying, it is safe to understand Tee Taiwo from this point of view that he is a shredder of the law, a cobber of informality, a wonderful destroyer of hobnob and also a diligent fanatic of assault on both campus Journalists and other students on campus. He flaunts it as if, it is his daily bread. We will serve him breakfast in the future history/social media doesn’t forget.


Quite bizarrely that P.R.O whose job to maintain good relationships of the Union with the students and the management has been found so aggressively, so fetish and violent in approach.


Within his one year of reign, several reports of his assault and his taking pride over it has been enormously reported against him. According to the first known report about him, he slapped one of his opponents, threatened that he can do nothing. How come today we are raising hooligans at the union rather than students with sound mind and tested characters?


Recently, some other students of Mass communication have reported him again over bask of threats he hollers to beat them for writing news stories over true events witnessed about the disrupted ISEC election by some outsiders sponsored by one Alliance. Let’s have this on record both alliance are ready to make this a do or die affair.


About two weeks ago, Tee Taiwo had earlier threatened a campus Journalist to release his source of the story or will have his phone destroyed. Until now, Tee Taiwo has always been advised to be cautious judging by the position he occupied, but it appears he is illiterate of the heavy-duty that rests on the post he occupied. Thanks to Action the new P.R.O, a professional liar trained to corrupt fact and praise his master like Mr Omeben.


Although, there were times he(Tee Taiwo) did well, like the period he patriotically spoke on behalf of the Daily Part-time Students who faced the flaming and merciless swords of the management and were disallowed to take examinations because of their inability to pay tuition fees, Tee Taiwo had passionately spoken on behalf of the students, though management chooses declination instead.


But, a dot remains in the circle of Tee Taiwo character, and this I recommend he reads Tim Lahaye’s book on temperament. He is easily angered and aggressive in his attitude. Not everyone can be addressed the way you addressed your siblings. He needs to take grammar classes as well. And as a leader, especially in your position, anger must not be your friend, aggressive nature must never be your courtier. If at all you have them, then, you must learn how to control them when society throws blows at you. These are the risk factors and sacrifices attached to being a leader. If you cannot withstand criticism, why then aspire to expire? LOL! when you cannot withstand criticism, you must not be a leader. Anger is one of the number one destroyers of a potential leader, and that is the Personal Assistant of Comrade Olayinka Taiwo.


Tee Taiwo should have been like the master of the court, who understand the ways of the court. He laughs against his will, walks against his legs, and talk against his heart. But he wasn’t. Rather, he was like that tomfoolery of the court, who talk when others are silent, who walk when others stand still, who smile when others are deeply in thought and who let the courtiers know his weaknesses.


Tee Taiwo’s weakness is known to the John Q Public, and that may be his fall. This piece will utterly at-bats his venom again, and tomorrow the publisher will be threatened.


Lastly, now that it remains some few days to the election that will take the impeccable-led administration out of the office of power, the aggressive deeds of Tee Taiwo while he was a P.R.O of the SUG would be scribbled on the sheet of time, the failed promises of the Ajao Samson administration will be all over and social media doesn’t forget. Once again, turning them into history that will later be told one day that “once upon a time, Ospoly SUG had a P.R.O who practiced the opposite of his job and a union president clueless as a Nigerian senator” These and many more are the whys, Ospolites will never forget the Impeccable regime.

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