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North East Tops List of Zones ever-produced CBN Governors in Nigeria History 



Nigeria is a State, often, regarded as a nation with multifaceted ethnic groups and religions. These should be factored out whenever division of political and administrative positions are concerned as entrenched in Chapter II, Section 14, Subsection 3 and 4 of the Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 as amended which reads here. But none of these may be said are usually considered when it is time to select a person for a post.


Since 1963 — 2023, North-East part of Nigeria leads the region that produced the Central Bank of Nigeria Governors with three while South South, South West and South East, two each. Only North Central and North West had one, each.


Unlike others, North Central has been marginalised since 1963 in Nigeria. It is the only zone that has not produced CBN governor that stay long in office. Last time it did, it was Sarah Alade who spent barely five months in office.

North East Tops List of Zones ever-produced CBN Gov in Nigeria History 
Visualised data showing geopolitical zones of CBN governors since 1963 to 2023. North west and north central produced one each, while south west, south east and south south produced two governors each. Only north east produced three CBN Governors since 1963 to 2023 in Nigeria.

From 1963 to 2023, the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria have produced the following numbers of CBN Governors:

  • North-East: 3
  • South-East: 2
  • South-South: 2
  • South-West: 2
  • North-West: 1
  • North-Central: 1

Note: Roy Pentelow who was the first CBN Governor between 1958 to 1963 was a non-nigerian.

Here is the breakdown of the names of the CBN Governors produced by each geopolitical zone in Nigeria from 1963 to 2023:


  • Alhaji Aliyu Mai-Bornu (1963-1967) – North East Zone
  • Dr. Clement Isong (1967-1975) – South-South Zone
  • Mallam Adamu Ciroma (1975-1977) – North East Zone
  • Chief Ola Vincent (1977-1982) – South West Zone
  • Mallam Abdulkadir Ahmed (1982-1993) – North East Zone
  • Dr. Paul Agbai Ogwuma (1993-1999) – South East Zone
  • Chief Joseph Sanusi (1999-2004) – South West Zone
  • Prof. Charles Soludo (2004-2009) – South East Zone
  • Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi  (2009-2014) – North West Zone
  • Sarah Alade (Feb 20 2014 – June same year) – North Central
  • Godwin Emefiele (2014-Present) – South South Zone
  • Roy Pentelow (1967-1968) – Non-Nigerian

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