Nigerian Police Allegedly Shot, Carry Man to Unknown Place in Osogbo

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Adeleke Adeoye

A man identified as Abiola has been allegedly shot in the leg and taken to an unknown location by the men of the Nigerian Police Force in the Housing Estate, Osogbo.


A lady who pleaded anonymity had claimed while, calling for public assistance over Abiola, whom she called her Boyfriend.


The lady narrated that the incident took place last Sunday at the residence of Matthew, her boyfriend’s friend to whom Abiola had gone to pay a visit.


According to her, “Abiola decided to pass the night at Matthew’s place where, unfortunately, Members of the Nigerian Police in Housing Estate barged in the house and shot him in the leg while they were eating indomie.”


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The lady also claimed the policemen arrested Matthew and his girlfriend. But, “they later release the girl from detention, while Matthew remains with them,” she added.


Moreover, Abiola’s whereabouts have yet to be ascertained.


Furthermore, a group tagged Osun Police Watch has also confirmed the incident while calling out the Osun Police Command to fish out the police culprits.


The group also called on the police command in the Housing Estate, Osogbo to ask for Abiola’s whereabouts and also the offence that warrants him to be shot.


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