Nigeria is ranked Number One in Open Defecation throughout World — Ogo

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Enoch Oyedibu



The Incumbent President of the Faculty of Science, Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Comrade Olayinka Gani Oke, popularly known as Ogo, has said Nigeria is ranked Number One in Open defecation throughout the world.


Ogo disclosed this during an exclusive interview with PIJAONLINE.


He said that the heinous attitudes of open defecation still spread to his faculty, where, behind his office solid wastes of students are deposited enormously and which is not his joy.


He emphasise that it’s not that there’s no toilet, but there is no water that can maintain the toilet: the reason for open defecation around the faculty.


The Incumbent highlighted all his administration agendas and the need of the faculty; inadequate classrooms, toilets issues and water—all of which he wishfully affirmed to complete before the end of his tenure which its elapses is nothing less than 3months, now.



“When I emerged as the president of the Faculty of science, I promised the students of faculty of science so many things…


“Right now, we don’t have water in faculty of science, we don’t have toilets, inadequate classrooms; all of which are some of the problems we are having in the faculty of science. But solving these problems, I have been writing to all relevant agencies.


“On the issues of water, I wrote letter to people who are running private businesses to help us. The school management cannot do it alone. We student-leaders cannot do it alone and as well, the government cannot do it alone. So I think a nation building, we have to start on campus. It’s a joint task.


“On the issues of toilet. Nigeria is ranked number one in Open Defecation in the world. So in my own little capacity, if we can get water, we have toilet but it’s not working. So, if we get the water, we are going to be using the toilet. So there will not be any open defecation again. At the back of my office now, you’ll see there are a lot of wastes deposited.


“Even I have told some incoming leaders that this is what I am doing. If I am unable to finish these projects, continue from where I stopped. And they all agreed.”


Speaking on the alliances and the relation of faculty of science Ogo said, “We have alliance with FICT, Art and industrial design and Faculty of Environmental Studies.


“I think the action behind that is just to form like two political parties, so if party A failed today, we will hold them responsible.”


Ogo said Politics determined everything in the world and “we have to contribute our part in nation building and that’s what I have been doing.


“When you’re competent and you’re not joining the political struggles, you know, you’ll be govern by those who are inferior to you and that is not good.


“Personally, I wish to contest in my local government, Egbedore, Osun State after life on campus.”

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